Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Varitek/Boras Deadline Is Friday...Jon Lester Comments About Life Without 'Tek

Boston's Jon Lester and the Yankee's Joba Chamberlain were together Tuesday night on a stage at the Sacred Heart University basketball gym in Fairfield, Connecticut, speaking to a student audience not much younger than they are. Jon Lester seized the moment when asked about the possibility of not having Jason Varitek as his catcher and teammate...

“I don’t want to think about that,” Lester said. “If I had to build a team, he’s the guy that I would pick to start my team around.”

Boston has clarified the deadline issue...Varitek and his agent, Scott Boras(s), have until midnight Friday, January 30th, to make their decision about 'Tek returning to the Sox. Last year, Jason batted a meek .220 and, get this, only .187 after May 21st. That's right, I said .187!! So his options are few...probably the Red Sox offer is the only one on the table. So, and I'll yell this as loudly as I can, Jason, TAKE THE DAMN OFFER. DO NOT listen to your pig headed agent. He's a complete idiot and he's the one who got you into all of this trouble. If you had accepted arbitration, you'd be inked, right now, to a ten million dollar deal for the upcoming 2009 season. Scott Boras(s), in this case, has failed his client miserably. The thing that gets me is this...if the offer IS the "only deal in town" for Jason, what's he waiting for? If he (and Boras) think the Sox will up the money figure, they're delusional. One thing still sticks in my mind like a sharp and long thorn in my side, or somewhere else even more painful. He batted only .187 for the last two thirds plus of the 2008 season. I still can't believe that anemic number. But, as Lester said, he makes the pitching staff the cohesive and effective unit they are. For that reason alone, I want him back. I hope you do, too.

It's snowing here once again on this Wednesday early morning. The temperature is a relatively mild 20.7 degrees F. but the snow is forecast to change to sleet and ice by noontime, and that's when it'll get rough. Most schools are already closed...good for them. Oh, you can click on this post's title for more on the Jason Varitek saga, a wistful fairy tale that, for better or worse, is nearing its end. I'd love to read and respond to any and all of your comments. They've been few and far between, however. As always, BE WELL. See ya.


At 1/28/2009 12:03 PM, Anonymous johnbee418 said...

OK, Peter, here's a comment. I know life can be tedious and at times boring over there west of the river, especially during a snow storm, but here's my helping hand.

Jason Varitek is shabby goods. I see where Jon Lester thinks highly of him, but Jon is a newly-wed and we all know how clearly those people think. I recall my newly-wed days, even after 56 years. It was months before an intelligent thought crossed my mind. I had a lot of thoughts, but they all seemed to be uni-directional. I think that's the explanation for young Mr. Lester's comments.

But, I digress. It's plain to see you, my friend Peter, are a basic Varitek fan and are trying diligently to stand up for the guy. We disagree, of course, but I promise to not pursue my searing and disultory remarks about the world's biggest automatic out. I will let go from this moment on, regardless of whether J.V. signs or not.

However, Peter, we old Brooklyn Dodger fans need, absolutely NEED, a bone to chew on. So, after Varitek's Friday midnight deadline, what say we tackle Curley Francona, eh? I promise to be fair, not vulgar, and to overlook all the references to T.F.'s "winning" 2 World Series.

From now until April is really dead time, so a little invigorating dialogue is not unwelcome. Yes?


At 1/28/2009 7:23 PM, Blogger Victoria-HC said...

"For that reason alone, I want him back. I hope you do, too."

Of course, we want him back. So, he's not a superstar, but if a pitcher like Lester feels that he's urgently needed, then we should appreciate the skills that he does possess.

What's Lester's newly-wed status got to do with his understanding of just how much Varitek contributed to his pitching success? He's thinking of his own productivity and the welfare of the club.

At 1/29/2009 6:43 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Your comments, JB, are ALWAYS welcome. I hope you know that...part of me also hopes that 'Tek will decline the deal and the Sox will trade for one of the three catchers who I've mentioned many times. Taylor Teagarden is the cream of that crop.

Hi Victoria-HC...great to hear from you. I love Jason but maybe it would be better to trade for a younger guy and let Bard handle the back-up duties. Whatever happens will happen REALLY soon.

Thanks to both of you for your comments. Keep 'em coming? Peter


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