Friday, January 16, 2009

Youkilis Locked Up!!!

And I don't mean behind bars. This is from last night's Boston dot com Globe, joyous news...

"Multiple baseball sources confirmed today that the Red Sox and first baseman Kevin Youkilis reached agreement on a four-year, $41 million contract extension through 2012, a deal that also includes a $13 million club option for 2013 that could bring the deal to $53 million over five seasons.
Should the option be exercised, Youkilis's contract would be worth an average of $10.6 million over the next five seasons.
While a precise breakdown of Youkilis's deal was not available, the four-year, $41 million package includes a $1 million buyout in lieu of the $13 million option. If the Sox exercise the option, Youkilis would lose the buyout in exchange for the $13 million salary in 2013, bringing the total value to $53 million."

FINALLY. $53 million...that's more like it! This signing means the Red Sox have the right side of their infield locked in through at least 2013. Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia, the AL MVP, and Kevin Youkilis, the second runner up in the AL MVP voting constitute the best right side of any infield on the planet. I don't think anyone will debate me on that statement, Teixeira or no pinstriped Teixeira. This is great news for Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International. I'm very happy, almost delirious, because I thought the club was going to saddle Youk with another one year deal. Now we have our gold glove caliber contact hitter for years to come, and with a healthy Mikey Lowell and either Lowrie or Lugo, who might take over the recently departed (we'll miss you bigtime) Alex Cora's role as backup infielder, the Boston infield will be solid as a rock. With Bay in left, Jacoby in center and JD in right, we're all set in the outfield, too. Mark Kotsay will be the backup first baseman/outfielder, and the official fourth outfielder will be our hometown guy, Rocco Baldelli. We're all set except for one position...catcher. I expect the unexpected when the Red Sox fill that need, and they'll fill it soon. Will they sign 'Tek to a one year $10 million deal? Will they trade a young pitcher whose future is unimaginably positive for a catcher in his prime? I do not know, but whatever happens will happen sooner rather than later. Take your choice and leave me a comment. If I had to guess, they'll trade a young pitcher to land one of the two catchers they covet. And all I know is that it has to happen, and happen quickly. Believe me, it will. As to who it will be, I'm clueless with many guesses. Sometimes, that's the story of my life. And most of my guesses, about ANYTHING, are usually on the money.

Yesterday I and my brother and comptroller had a lawyers meeting for my company, which is a bedding/futon manufacturer. We make the best of the best, and I just wanted to thank Gary, our lawyer in these matters and a regular reader, for being so precisively helpful. He made the things that were tough for me to understand clear and concise. He's a nice guy with a great family and he's a Red Sox fan. Thank you for yesterday, Gary, and I hope you and the kids have enjoyed the Red Sox DVD set that you won in my contest a few months back. Yesterday, you made everything so easy. Stay in touch.

Stay warm! Yes, Constant Readers, it's very cold here, cold and dark at 5:55am EST. The temperature is still slowly dropping. Right now, it's 8.4 degrees F. BELOW ZERO. But that's nothing compared to Cold Spring, Minnesota. That's where my girlfriend lives, and it's in the center of the state just north and west of Minneapolis. When I asked her to give me a temperature check before she had to start her day, as she always does in the winter, (I already knew via weather channel dot com), she told me it was 30 degrees BELOW ZERO. Wind chills, which she did NOT know, were approaching minus 50 degrees. That's too cold for me, and it was for her school, too. None of the busses would start...she had a day off. Good for you, Nadi.
I love ya!!

That's it from here now. I'll be home to answer any of your comments so please leave some if you can. If Boston fills their need for a catcher, I'll write a post, too. The last piece of the 2009 puzzle...for now. Click on the title for more Soxiness, and as always, BE WELL. Aloha and shalom. Ciao.


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