Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jon Lester Is Already In Fort Myers!

Hello on another frigid morning. It's Wednesday and still dark outside, but I've already read the two major Boston sports sections and found a great article written by the Herald's Sean McAdams. Jon Lester has completed his journey to the Sunshine State eight days early. I guess he's ready for the warm air and beaming sunshine, two things we could use up here in north central Connecticut. Here's what he said about his annual southbound trek...

"It's kind of a routine now," said Lester. "End of January comes, it's time to start packing up and heading down. It's something that I enjoy doing. I get used to being on the grass and in the's just nice to be able to get down here."

Here is the spring training arrival schedule. Red Sox pitchers and catchers are required to report by Feb. 12, with their first workout on the 14th. Position players are due to report by the 16th and the first full-squad workout will be on the 18th. If you are going to be venturing to Fort Myers sometime this late winter, don't forget this restaurant tip...if you like (love) baby back ribs on a huge platter, with a plate of the best onion rings I've ever had and maybe a pitcher of beer or root beer, here's where you should go. It's called MICHELBOBS. There is one in Naples and another in Fort Myers. It might get crowded but the wait is worth it. I'll never forget how good those ribs were. I can almost taste them now. They're the kind of baby backs that demand a huge pile of napkins always at hand. MMMM.

OK, I was making ME hungry, thinking of ribs at 5:25 in the morning. Jon Lester, our solid number two guy in the rotation, had this to say about the return of team captain Jason Varitek...

"With Tek signing last week, it's a definite boost to our club," said Lester. "He came to my wedding a couple weeks ago. I talked to him just briefly. I know how it is. You don't want to talk about that stuff in the offseason...I just asked him how the process was going, and he said, 'It's going.' I kind of hit him on the chest and said, 'I hope you're back.' That was it."

Congratulations to Jon on his wedding. We all wish him well. There's been no word on Manny and the Dodger's offer...not yet. I'd be shocked if he doesn't wear Dodger blue in 2009. Completely and utterly shocked. He knows the color of money, though, so expect him to be playing in southern California come early the National League, away from us until October...maybe.

That's a wrap for this Hump Day, February 4th. Be safe and have a great middle of the week day. You can click on this post's title to be linked to a two minute fourteen second video of many of your favorite Boston Red Sox players. Make sure you turn the sound it loud! As always, thanks for being here and BE WELL. L' life. Always and forever.


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