Thursday, February 12, 2009

Manny In Hardcover, Telling "His" Side Of The Story....More Fiction Than Fact...IDIOCY

Let me start out by saying that I strongly dislike Manny Ramirez after he showed his true colors to Red Sox Nation last year. He's a baby, he's a bum, he's a whiner but boy, can he hit the baseball. It was fun while it lasted, except for the latter half of 2008 (and 2007 etc.), but now he has put out a book, cowritten by Shawn Boburg and Jean Rhodes. It's called BECOMING MANNY: INSIDE THE LIFE OF BASEBALL'S MOST ENIGMATIC SLUGGER. I could substitute the word "enigmatic" with a couple choice ones of my own, but not here, not now. This information came from today's Boston Herald. My thanks to Sean McAdam. I'll link his piece to this post's title and remind you later.

The book states that when Manny shoved traveling secretary Jack McCormick, he was settling an old score. Gene Mato, one of Manny's ex-agents and his wife Julianna had this to say about that...

“Jack disrespected Manny for many years and on many occasions,” Gene Mato, one of Ramirez’ former agents, told the authors.
Ramirez’ wife, Julianna, added, “Jack’s response was very rude. And Jack had a history of insulting Manny in front of the other players.”

She went on to suggest that the Sox saw the confrontation as an excuse to deal Ramirez away a month later. That's total bullshit.

“They gave him up to the press instead of protecting one of their own players,” Julianna Ramirez is quoted as saying."

TOTAL bullshit. Here's what the beloved Red Sox skipper, Tito Francona, had to say ...

“I think we did everything in our power to protect Manny,” Francona said. “At the same time, we wanted him to own up to his actions. We tried to do it privately but also make him understand that there were consequences for his actions. I thought we did the best we could. I think we bent over backward for Manny, like we did many times.”

It's ironic that Mrs. Ramirez would take shots at McCormick, who is physically no match for Sir Manny and shouldn't have been shoved in the first place. Jack was the one who "waived" the rules and let her have a seat on a team charter flight to Houston. Here's Terry on that...

“It was Jack’s idea to waive the rules to allow Julianna on the charter,” said Francona. “I don’t remember it the same way Manny does, or for that matter, Gene Mato, who wasn’t there.”

Exactly, Tito, Mato wasn't even there. Manny's future legacy in Boston has been totally erased. He's just a bad taste in the mouth of Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International, a taste of pure putrid puke. Hey, it's his own fault. WHAT A BUM.

When you click this post's title you will be magically transported to the Boston Herald Red Sox homepage. You can read the entire Manny article there. Do me a favor, don't buy the book, or at least wait until the softcover edition comes out. For that, I thank you. As always, BE WELL. Take care of yourselves. Leave a comment or three...I'll respond to every one. Thanks. See ya.


At 2/12/2009 11:55 AM, Anonymous johnbee418 said...

Peter, Peter, tsk, tsk, tsk. What flames shoot out of your nostrils!What smoke emanates from your ears! Be calm, my friend. Shalom and Aloha. Dominus vobiscum. :))

As my family would have said before they came over, "Go maire tu, beannacht De leat!"

At 2/12/2009 3:51 PM, Blogger Moose said...

Manny . . .

At 2/12/2009 3:55 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hello JB...I don't give a whit about Ramirez, but he hurt MY team...that steams me. Bigtime.

Hey's always Manny, Manny, Manny in the media. At least it USED to be..HE IS HISTORY to RSN, and me, especially.

Thanks....both of you.

At 2/12/2009 3:57 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

John Bee? Please let me know what the last part of your comment is in English. It sounds like something I want to remember for the rest of my life. Honest. Peter

At 2/12/2009 3:58 PM, Blogger Peter N said...


At 2/12/2009 7:01 PM, Blogger Moose said...

Yup, personally, I don't care what happens to Manny, baseball-wise. I'm rooting for him, but he doesn't affect our squad.

At 2/12/2009 8:19 PM, Anonymous johnbee418 said...

Go maire tu = May you live long

Beannacht De leat = God's blessing with you

It's Irish Gaelic, Peter, but without the phonetic marks (my keyboard doesn't have them).

At 2/13/2009 4:53 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thanks I know. Nice! And thanks, Moose.


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