Thursday, April 09, 2009

Game 2 : Rays 7 Red Sox 2...UCONN Women Come Home, Back Where They Belong

It all came apart for Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox when the Tampa Bays Rays scored four runs in the fifth inning to break a 1-1 tie. They bunted, they stole bases and hit the ball into the holes created by the ongoing thievery. They just were better. Jon Lester ended up going five full and he gave up those five runs on eight hits while walking two. Delcarmen and Ramirez pitched a clean inning each but Saito and Lopez were not so fortunate, giving up two combined runs. Jon Lester said this after he was lifted...

"I just didn't do a good job keeping the team in the game tonight," Lester said. "I don't know if I tried to nitpick a little too much. I don't know if I wasn't aggressive enough later in the game or what."

I think Jon will be just fine this year, just like last year. But what he didn't do yesterday was power the ball through the strike zone. Credit must go to the Rays' offense, which scratched and clawed its way in that fateful fifth. It's a long season, as you all know, and the rubber game of this matchup will be today at 1:35pm EDT at the Fens. Matt Garza will face Daisuke Matsuzaka. If you're going to the game and sitting in the shade, wear a couple layers of clothing. If this was a night game, I'd say to wear a warm jacket, but a 1:35 start won't be bad, with the temperatures in the mid 50s. GO SOX. By the way, the Yankees lost yet again as Wang, like Sabathia, was totally ineffective in a 7-5 Oriole win. Maybe they can keep this streak going with Burnett this afternoon. The game will start at the same time as the Boston game.

The University of Connecticut women's basketball team arrived at Bradley International aiport Wednesday afternoon after winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. This state is in love with them, and I'm putting that mildly. They arrived at the UCONN campus to an enthusiastic crowd who had been waiting more than an hour or two for a rally at their home court, Gampel Pavilion. There will be a parade in downtown Hartford sometime soon but the details have not been released. When they are, you'll read it right here at PRSF. Please click on the title of this post for more on that talented team who will be heavily favored to win it all again in the 2009-2010 season. How sweet would that be? I can tell you...sweeter than sugar and honey mixed with a huge dose of happiness and love. That's how this team makes us feel, happiness mixed with tears of joy. Sheer euphoria. I love them.

As always, BE WELL. Aloha, shalom, l'chaim and cheers. Your comments are always welcome and always answered. I apppreciate every one of you...without you, I wouldn't know what to do, my Constant Readers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean that, I really do. SEE YA.


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