Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Sox Winning Streak Over Ugly...Cleveland 9 Boston 8

Three errors and two blown leads of 5-1 and 7-3 contributed to the end of the 11 game winning streak for the Boston Red Sox. They lost to the Cleveland Indians by a score of 9-8. Wih two outs in the ninth inning and a running DeRosa on second base, pitcher Javy Lopez dropped Kevin Youkilis' easy underhand flip, allowing the winning run to score. Lopez said this about that "should have been made" play...

“It’s a play a pitcher makes a thousand times in his career,” Lopez said of covering first base on an infield grounder. “I just took my eyes off it. There’s no real excuse for it. It’s a tough way to break a winning streak.”

Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny could not hold the Indians when given two leads of four runs. There's no excuse for that and he was out after 2 2/3 innings. Way to go, Brad. Penny just might lose his spot in the rotation when Daisuke Matsuzaka returns. I envision a late May rotation of Beckett, Lester, Matsuzaka, Wakefield and Smoltz...that sounds spectacular to me. Odd man out Penny will be relegated to the bullpen...count on it. Of course none of that is set in stone. What is?

Pedey Pedroia contributed three hits and Bay, Varitek and Lugo had two apiece but the three Boston errors, one by Lopez, one by Mike Lowell, who has not looked as sound defensively as he has in the past and one by Julio Lugo all led to the blown leads. The Red Sox will try to start another winning streak tonight with Jon Lester ready to face Fausto Carmona. Gametime will be at 7:05pm EDT. After that the Red Sox travel to the home of the Tampa Bay Rays for the first time this season. They'll play four games there before making their first ever visit to the new Yankee Stadium. And then they come home.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for their heavenly eleven game winning streak. You know what they say..."you can't win 'em all." We all saw exactly that Tuesday night. Click on this post's title for more from the Boston Herald and as always, BE WELL. Have a terrific Wednesday. Don't forget to cover your mouth if you cough and to frequently wash your hands, especially when out in public. This spreading swine flu is scary...there's no other way to describe it. See ya soon.


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