Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Sweet Fenway Park Home

The Boston Red Sox have finished their regular season left coast trips and I'm very happy about it. The club does have a few problems that have become clearly evident in the past three weeks but those are easily solvable. And now the first place Toronto Blue Jays invade Friendly Fenway for the next three nights. Here are your pitching matchups for the series...

Brian Tallet (2-1 4.63) vs. Tim Wakefield (4-2 4.03) today
Brett Cecil ( 2-0 1.80) vs. Brad Penny (3-1 6.89) Wednesday
Robert Ray (1-1 3.60) vs. Jon Lester (2-4 6.51) Thursday

All three games will have a first pitch time of 7:10pm EDT. The three Sox starter's ERAs gives you a clue as to why the club is struggling a bit, a big bit, but I do not envision high ERAs for much longer. As Boston did earlier this season, they could easily put up another long winning streak, a string of games that would vault them past the Jays and keep them ahead of the suddenly streaking pinstripers. Let's hope so...starting tonight.

In other Red Sox news, Kevin Youkilis played his first game of two with the Pawtucket triple A club. He said this after last night's game...

“For me, it’s about staying healthy, and at the end of the day if you feel good, that’s the key,” Youkilis said after the game, a 9-2 PawSox loss. "I don’t think it’s about going 3-for-3 and hitting home runs. I think it’s about being healthy.”

He felt good last night even though he was hitless in two at bats and had to make a tough play at first base. Expect him back with the big club in time for Friday's opener with the NY Mets. Yes, that's right...inter-league play rears its ugly head once more. But it should be a great series with a premiere matchup featuring Josh Beckett and Johan Santana coming soon to a Fenway near you.

Well, that's it for this Tuesday morning. I expect my girlfriend Nadia back here in Farmington (CT.) by the end of the weekend...I can't wait. She completes me in some unfathomable way. I don't really understand why but I guess it doesn't matter. I'm happy when she's around...she feels the same way. Another long bus trip is in store for her but I purchased an extra cell phone battery so that she can always be in touch with a nervous Peter.

I hope everything is going well for you, my Constant Readers, and as always, BE WELL. Take care of yourselves...that's the most important thing, and leave a comment or two. I'll answer every one of 'em. Promise. Click on the title of this post for more Soxy stuff and I'll see you soon, real soon.


At 5/19/2009 12:58 PM, Anonymous Walter Roark said...

Peter, I went in and reinstated your feed in BaseballNooz. The next time you post, check to see if you come up in our main Blogjam. You should.

Hope all is well,

At 5/19/2009 2:34 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Thank you SO much...it means a lot to me...Pete


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