Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Josh Beckett Masterwonder...Boston 4 Atlanta 1

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett is on a roll. His record for his last seven starts is 5-1 and his ERA over that span is a miniscule 1.24. He has a record of 6-0 and an ERA of (get this) 0.38 against the Atlanta Braves, his foe last night. They never had a chance as Beckett went seven innings, allowing zero runs while striking out six. He walked no one. This will be the last time the Braves will see Beckett this year unless they make it to the postseason, and they're mighty happy about it. Catcher and captain Jason Varitek had this to say about the dominance of Josh Beckett...

“Josh threw the ball well,” said catcher Jason Varitek. “He had to pitch out of a little more trouble today compared to last weekend but he kept us in the game and we were able to plug away. All through spring, Josh was trying to find himself mechanically. When he throws through me and his mechanics are sound, we can get a good mix of his off-speed pitches to complement his fastball."

Big Papi David Ortiz pulled the trigger on a ball thrown by Braves' starter Jurrjens and zoomed it 12 rows into the rightfield stands, a tater by anyone's standards. It's good to have our vintage Big Papi back and his power is helping the rest of the Sox lineup immensely. Okajima took care of things in the eighth inning of what was then a 4-1 ballgame. He has been fantastic so far in 2009. Jonathon Papelbon came on in the ninth to nail this one down and he did just that, with a couple of glitches, including a booming tater to David Ross. That was the Braves sole run on the Boston dominated scoreboard.

Today on the Fox nationally televised game shortly after 4pm EDT, it'll be Wakefield and Vasquez as mound adversaries. It should be a good one as Timmy goes for his tenth win. You can click on this post's title for more on the Red Sox comings and goings and as always, BE WELL. Have a great Saturday, be safe and I'll be seeing you...soon. That's a promise. I thank every one of you for stopping by...tell your Sox buddies to pop in, too. The more the merrier. GO SOX...forever.


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