Monday, June 29, 2009

Interleague Play Ends With A Red Sox Loss...Atlanta 2 Boston 1

The Boston Red Sox, 2-1 losers to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday afternoon, have won their last six series but in four of those last six series they had a chance to sweep only to fall in the last of the three game set. But if the Sox keep winning series as often as they have lately, they'll be fine, just fine. Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia said this after the Sunday battle with the Braves...

“As long as we keep winning series, that’s a good thing,’’ second baseman Dustin Pedroia said. “You want to sweep teams. It’s tough. Everyone’s got good players. It’s tough to sweep a major league-caliber team. It seemed like any time we got something going, we were one big hit away,’’ Pedroia said. “We hit some balls good. Just no luck. But we had a chance there at the end. That’s all we could ask for.’’

They certainly had their chances but Brad Penny was outpitched by under-the-weather (flu symptoms) Tommy Hanson. Kevin Youkilis further described the state of the Sox...

“We’ve got a lot of fight in our team,’’ Youkilis said. “We’re going to battle it out till the last out. You’re not fighting time, you’re fighting the last out. We’re going to scrap away, and do what we’ve got to do. We came up short today, but we won a series. Look at it that way. Can’t be upset about it. You want to win all the games, but winning the series is the most important.’’

I'll take a series win anyday...or every three days. Now it's on to Baltimore as we kiss (or shove) interleague play out of the picture until a possible World Series. MMMM, World Series...that sounds nice but getting there is the tough part. Here are your series pitching matchups for the last three games of this road trip...

Monday...Lester (6-6) vs Berken (1-4) 7:05pm EDT
Tuesday...Smoltz (0-1) vs Hill (3-2) 7:05pm EDT
Wednesday...Beckett (9-3) vs. Bergesen (5-2) 1:35 pm EDT

Another series win? I certainly hope so. The Red Sox lead the NY Yankees by a slim three games with MANY more to play...five games sounded MUCH better.

That's a wrap for this early Monday morning. You can click on this post's title for more Sox news and as always, BE WELL. Take some time to take care of yourself and those around you. It's SO important. See ya...soon.


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