Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain Halts Any Chance Of Red Sox Comeback...Florida 2 Boston 1

The rains came once again to Fenway Park in the sixth inning with the Florida Marlins holding a slim 2-1 lead on the strength of two solo home runs served up by starter Jon Lester in the sixth inning. The Boston Red Sox could only muster one hit, a first inning tater hit by Kevin Youkilis, against Marlins starter Rickey Nolasco. That was it. Sox starter Jon Lester was servicably good except for two pitches in the second inning which resulted in the tying and winning runs crossing the plate. Boston manager Terry Francona was more succinct...

“I didn’t think he commanded very well,” said Francona. “Saying that, he left two pitches, one he tried to go in, one he tried to go away. They hit them out of the ballpark and other than that he found a way to still give us a chance to win. I think that says a lot. I think it was a tough night. It was a difficult night. Their guy was fantastic."

In all, Lester gave up eight hits, walked none and struck out five in his losing effort but some of the Red Sox players were miffed that the game was started at all. Lester barely had time to get ready and the radar screen before the game began showed a bleak picture. The home team can call a game before it begins but after the first pitch, it's in the hands of the umpires. Rain giveth and rain taketh away and Boston has, in the past, been the beneficiary of similiar situations but last night did not sit well with the Sox players. Here's what Mikey Lowell said after the game was cut short...

“There was still a lot of game left,” said Sox third baseman Mike Lowell. “I’m not saying Nolasco wouldn’t have pitched well, but I think I like our chances with four innings left to score. I think a lot of guys are f*cking pissed off right now. Absolutely, without a doubt,” said Lowell.

His comments were uttered in the heat of the moment. I'm sure he's calmed down quite a bit. On the brighter side, the Yankees lost yet again to the woeful Nationals so the lead in the AL East is still three games. Everything is OK and we'll see how Daisuke does tonight against the visiting Altanta Braves. Here are the three game pitching matchups...

Matsuzaka (1-4) vs. Kawakami (3-6) 7:10pm EDT
Beckett (7-3) vs. Lowe (7-4) 7:10pm EDT
Wakefield (9-3) vs. Jurrjens (5-5) 1:35pm EDT

I hope your Friday will be a great one and I thank you for stopping by. It's been a long time since anyone has left a comment and I want to remind you that all your comments are welcomed and answered. You can click on this post's title for more Red Sox news from SI dot com and as always, BE WELL. See you...soon.


At 6/19/2009 10:41 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

The Sox mgmt have only themselves to blame for the loss - they never should have started the game.

Do you suppose they thought they would win if it was a rain shortened game?

Think there would be any bitching if the Sox led when it was called? Only by the Marlins.

At 6/20/2009 6:16 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

You hit the nail on the head and tonight (Saturday), they might be faced with the same kind of decision. Rain is moving in slowly from central Pa.

Daisuke must go down to Pawtucuket to clean up his act. He is NOT suited for bullpen work. If you read my Saturday post, you'll see what I mean.

HAVE A TREMENDOUS WEEKEND, BFW. It's always nice to read and respond to your frequent and always illuminating comments. See ya!

At 6/20/2009 6:17 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

And of courase, I meant Pawtucket. It's early!!

At 6/20/2009 6:18 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Of course...gee, I'm still half asleep, I guess. Yawnnn.


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