Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Smoltz Decicion Due TODAY Before Red Sox-Marlins Game At Fenway Park

Today is Wednesday, June 16th, the day John Smoltz has been waiting and working for. With Wakefield, Penny and Lester going for the Red Sox against the Marlins today, Wednesday and Thursday at Fenway, the question is this...who will go Friday? We all know Beckett will be ready for Saturday's game with the Braves and Matsuzaka will be SCHEDULED to start the opening game of the series on Friday, but in my mind, it will be John Smoltz. In five rehab starts at three levels this year, Smoltz is 1-1 with a 2.70 ERA, a complete game and 19 strikeouts in 23 1/3 innings. So why should Boston put Matsuzaka out there again instead of pitching Smoltz and relegating Daisuke to the bullpen while sending Bard back to Pawtucket. If you ask me, there is no reason in the world why they should not. WE WILL ALL KNOW TODAY, when the Red Sox make their announcement. I don't think Daisuke will be happy with their decision but hey, what's best for the team is WHAT'S BEST FOR THE TEAM. Period.

Here are the pitching matchups for the three game series with the Florida Marlins, a team we should beat...

Tuesday..Chris Volstad (4-6 4.07 era) vs. Tim Wakefield (8-3 4.50)
Wednesday..Andrew Miller (2-2 4.30) vs. Brad Penny (5-2 5.32)
Thursday..Ricky Nolasco (2-6 7.62) vs. Jon Lester (4.76)

So we'll wait for that announcement and do not be surprised if Daisuke Matsuzaka will be a part of the Boston Red Sox bullpen, making it even better (??). I just have a feeling we'll all see a confident and ready to go John Smoltz toeing the Fenway Park rubber in the top of the first Friday night. And I'll be smiling. And the Fenway Faithful will be standing and cheering. What a sight it will be. But that's Red Sox baseball, isn't it?

Have a great Tuesday. We're still dodging the rain here in north central Connecticut but that will get better as the day goes by. I thank you for stopping in and I look forward to your insightful comments and my just-as-insightful (I hope) answers. As always, BE WELL. That's the most important thing in this short life span we all share...health. I wish you the best. Oh, click on the title of this post for more stuff all Red Sox.


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