Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Sox Make A Deal...A Small One

This is from ESPN dot com, just now...

"The Boston Red Sox added one of the Pittsburgh Pirates' middle-of-the-order hitters for the second time in as many seasons, acquiring first baseman Adam LaRoche on Wednesday for two mid-level prospects. This deal has been on the table for three weeks, and after Boston lost its fourth straight Tuesday and declined to trade Clay Buchholz for Victor Martinez, the Red Sox took Adam LaRoche."

"The Red Sox will work LaRoche, Mike Lowell and David Ortiz in the 1B, DH and 3B spots, with Kevin Youkilis moving back and forth between first and third. Boston's team OPS has declined every month, and in the last four years, LaRoche's second-half OPS is .938."

It's a good thing the Sox did NOT trade tonight's starter, Clay Buchholz. Are there more trades to come before July 31st trading deadline? I'm sure of that. GO SOX...tonight. The lumber must awaken. Please.


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