Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theo, HELP!!!

The Boston Red Sox lost yet another one to the last place Oakland Athletics by a score of 8-6. Starter Brad Penny was pounded in the first inning as the visitors scored five times. That first frame lasted 20 minutes and Penny threw 37 (!!) pitches. Boston could not come back after that despite Mikey Lowell's five runs batted in. They are 3-3 on this homestand against two last place mediocre teams. To me, it's a call out to GM Theo Epstein. He should get in touch with Toronto (again?) and offer them what they want to obtain the services of Roy Doc Halladay. He would be the third part of an almost invincible trio of monumentally good starting pitchers, joining Josh Beckett and this afternoon's starter, Jon Lester, at the top of the rotation.

It might take a combination of Westmoreland, Anderson, or Buchholz and maybe Daniel Bard or Casey Kelly but Halladay would kick start this team while giving them a pitcher capable of winning ball games and going eight or nine innings consistantly. Let's face it, John Smoltz ain't ready yet, Timmy Wakefield is 42 and needs to be treated with kid gloves and Brad Penny, as we all saw last night, has more ups and downs than a first class roller coaster. We might not see Matsuzaka at all in 2009. 4pm Friday is fast appoaching, Theo Epstein. Help us! TODAY!!

It's day baseball this afternoon at Fenway Park on a late July day that promises to be hot and brutally humid. If you're going to the Fens and sitting in the sun for part or most of the game, do not forget to infuse your body with plenty of water. The pitchers, who will be sweating too, will be Gonzalez and Lester. Look for a Sox win. They are now a pitiful 4-8 since the All Star break and 3 1/2 games in back of the pinstripers. ENOUGH ALREADY!

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