Saturday, August 08, 2009

NY Yankees On Their Way To 3rd Straight Win Over Boston Red Sox...It's 5-0 So Far

And it's into the top of the ninth inning in the Bronx. It looks dismal, or worse, for the Red Sox. Hey, Sabathia was great and the Red Sox are just NOT all. I know it's early but Boston might be in a Wild Card only race, barring a miracle comeback (yeah, right, not this evening). To be continued in the morning...


At 8/09/2009 11:57 PM, Anonymous NFL Picks said...

After this series the Yanks sit 6.5 games ahead of boston leaving Boston tied for the wild card lead and the Yankees with the best record in all of MLB. Time for the BoSox to worry?

At 8/10/2009 6:45 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Worried? That's too strong a word. Concerned? Oh yeah.

Thanks for the comment.


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