Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Taters Flew On Tuesday, All Over The Place...Boston 10 Baltimore 0

Boy, did they! The Boston Red Sox clubbed five home runs in the first three innings and six in all as they pounded the Baltimore Orioles into submission by a lopsided score of 10-1. In fact, believe it or not, Boston's first five base hits were all taters. Clay Buchholz shined on the mound and the combination of great pitching and the long ball was an unbeatable one. Clay is now a legitimate major league number three starter. He had his fastball, curve, slider and changeup working superbly last night and Sox manager Terry Francona spoke about that...

“They had to respect every pitch that he could throw for strikes,” Francona said. “He was able to pound his fastball in, expand the plate away with curveball, slider, changeup - that’s a nice mix.”

And here's Tito on the balanced Tuesday night offensive attack...

“The more balance we have, then the better guys are swinging because every night somebody’s not going to hit,” Francona said. “And if you have a balanced attack, it’s harder for pitchers to navigate through your lineup, and that’s the whole idea.”

Buchholz held the hapless Birdies hitless until the fourth and limited them to three safeties all night long. The recently arrived Michael Bowden put up more goose eggs in the eighth and the ninth. It was cetainly an enjoyable game to watch, especially with an ice cold beverage nearby.

Tonight at Fenway it'll be Berken and Byrd. Byrd was great in his first 2009 Boston start but was pummeled and burned alive in his second. I don't know what to expect but I do know this...Baltimore is throwing another rookie pitcher into the fray, just as they did last night. Crooked scoreboard numbers should abound and the baseballs will be flying to every nook and cranny of Fenway Park. Makes me think of an English Muffin loaded with butter and...oh well, never mind.

Thanks for stopping in on this Hump Day Wednesday as we begin the three day slide into the weekend. You can click on this post's title for more Sox news SI style and as always, BE WELL. I mean that. See ya...soon. Leave a comment if it suits you. It suits me!


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