Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009 World Series Game One...NYC

The 2009 World Series begins tonight with the first pitch thrown at 7:57pm EDT on Fox and FoxHD. The very first pitching matchup will be a real doozy, with the Phillies' Cliff Lee (14-14 3.22...2-0 0.76 postseason) versus CC Sabathia (19-8 3.37...3-0 0.88 postseason). What a matchup it will be for all baseball fans, even for those in Cleveland. Both pitchers hurled for the Indians last year, by the way. The Bronx will be alive and kicking tonight as the baseball nation watches. We here in the northeast and my Constant Readers know plenty about the New York Yankees but maybe not as much about the word champion (yes, that's right) Philadelphia Phillies. They have a power-packed, American League power type of lineup and they WILL score runs. Their rotation is not as solid as the Yankees' big three but Cliff Lee can hold a candle to anyone, including Mr. Sabathia. Pedro Martinez, or Petey, as I call him, will pitch game two, probably against AJ Burnett. If Petey can put together seven innings like he did against the Dodgers against this Yankee lineup, well, anything will be possible. I hope he can.

We all know about the Yankees' lineup and about the postseason Alex Rodriguez has had so far, but don't forget about the Phillies' Ryan Howard, a hulk of a man who can literally smash and crush a baseball, sending it into orbit. Here's the Philadelphia General Manager, Ruben Amaro, Jr...

"Well, if pitchers make a mistake he's going to pound it," says Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. of Howard. "Even when he miss-hits the ball, he hits home runs. He's got that kind of power. You can't really teach that. It's kind of God-given."

Howard is hitting .355 with 14 RBI through the first two playoff series. Not bad. Here's one of his teammates with a few words...

"We've seen Ryan go on tears where he's doing this with home runs," says Jimmy Rollins. "He hasn't gotten to that point yet, and that's a good thing. That means it's still coming."

Almost every Boston Red Sox, make that EVERY Red Sox fan hopes that his home run barrage will come soon, but if Howard can keep that average at or near .355 and add to his fourteen 2009 postseason RBIs, well, everything's going to be all right, especially with the power hitters who surround him in that potent Philly lineup. This series should be a great one. I pick the Phillies in seven even though many scribes are picking the pinstripers in seven because they have the home field advantage. It should be that close.

Enjoy your Hump Day Wednesday. It's raining here in north central Connecticut, 100 miles northeast of the Big Apple, but by gametime, the precipitation should be spotty at best. How's that for the latest info? They'll play ball...count on it.

You can click on the title of this post for SI's World Series coverage and as always, BE WELL. If you'd like to leave me a comment with your pick for the next world champion, I'd love it! See ya.


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