Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ALCS And NLCS Inch Closer

Both the American League and the National League Championship Series inched a little closer as the teams that were behind in their respective battles both emerged victorious. First up, the Yankees and the Angels. After many curious and questionable moves by Yankees skipper Joe Girardi, most of which worked well until last night, one finally caught up to him in the eleventh inning. Even though it would have been righty versus righty, he brought in Aceves to pitch to Howie Kendrik after Robertson had easily gotten the first two outs of the frame. Needless to say, Kendrik drilled a single and the next guy to step to the plate, Halo's catcher Jeff Mathis, pounded a double which plated the winning run. Hey skipper Joe, maybe one too many moves? The Yankees are still up 2-1 in this best of seven series and they'll have their ace, CC Sabathia, going against Scott Kazmir in game four today starting at 7:57pm EDT (7:30pm pregame) on Fox and Fox HD. The NLCS will take a day off. Speaking of that series...

In the NLCS, the Dodgers, who were down two games to none, made it a little closer with a 5-4 win over the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, who are still, like the Yankees, my strong pick to advance to the World Series. Jimmy Rollins clubbed a walk-off run scoring double to end it. It was quite an exciting way to finish a baseball game, a playoff one at that. Now it's two games to one in favor of Philadelphia and anything can happen. I still expect the Phillies to advance, as I said before.

It's another baseball night and I have to tell you that I'm rooting for Scott Kazmir to spin a beauty so the Angels/Yankee game will stay close into the later innings. After all, he'll be opposing Sabathia and even though CC will be pitching on three day's rest, he's one tough customer. To be honest, I didn't even think the Halos would take a single game from the pinstripers. They proved me wrong yesterday and if they win tonight, and that's a BIG if, the series will be knotted and super glued at two. Easier said than done, however.

Have a great Tuesday, click on the title of this post for Sports Illustrated's tremendous and terrific playoff coverage and as always, BE WELL. I'll see you here tomorrow, if not before. Now click on that title. I'll preload the post title link to go directly to the SI baseball page. You can take it from there. See ya!


At 10/20/2009 2:41 PM, Blogger Suldog said...

Hello, Peter!

Thought you might enjoy two looks at the Sox-Yanks from 2004, mine and a Yankees fan. You can tell which is which from the titles...

The Agony


The Ecstasy


At 10/22/2009 5:47 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Very nice, Sully. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy the Phillies as they beat the pinstripers.

At 10/22/2009 2:03 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

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