Monday, November 09, 2009

MLB GM Meetings Start In Chicago...UCONN Women's Basketball Team Plays Final Exhibition Game Tonight in Hartford

Today, Tuesday and Wednesday, all the major league baseball general managers will convene in the windy city, Chicago, Illinois. Ah, I know it well (not...I visited Liz for just three days). I jest but the upcoming meetings are super serious. The Boston Red Sox landed two guys by the name of Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett in one deal a few years ago during this confab.

Directly related is that Boston has declined Alex Gonzales' $6 million 2010 option. He will soon file for free agency and if the Sox and he agree on a price, he'll be back. I wouldn't bet on it even though he solidified the defense on the left side of the infield and he batted a very respectable .284. His age (32) and his injury history as well as the amount of his option had much to do with Boston's decision. So the Red Sox are without a starting shortstop...for now. That position has been achille's heel-like for them for a long time. Theo and company will do something about it. This team is very close to being a competitor throughout the 2010 postseason with a few tweaks here and there. The Sox must also decide TODAY the 2010 options of Varitek, Wakefield and Victor Martinez. Personally, I think they would be crazy to part with any of 'em. And don't forget...Gonzo can still be a part of the 2010 Red Sox but it will be at the team's price, not his. I'd love to see him can't have enough shortstops. Red Sox history has proven that. The acquisition of another Gonzales whose first name is Adrian (see the post directly below this one) is the most important move Boston MUST make in this off season. I don't want you to forget that.

In other sports, the UCONN Women's Championship basketball team plays their last exhibition game tonight at the XL Center in downtown Hartford. They start their regular season late next week as they try to break John Wooden's NCAA basketball consecutive victory record. I'll have more on that later but the women did not lose a game last year and every one of those wins was by 10 points or more. They are the CHAMPIONS and I love them.

Have a great Monday and I'll see you soon. As always, be well. Thanks.


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