Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halladay Rumblings...Pujols NL MVP

The Boston Red Sox are looking to add another quality starter to their five man rotation. His name is Roy "Doc" Halladay and he would be a perfect a price. It is said that the Toronto Blue Jays will want the ever-improving Clay Buchholz and the super prospect Casey Kelly. Theo Epstein will be faced with a very tough decision when the hot stove warms up. Halladay had said he will not return to Toronto because he wants to play for a winner. The Jays' general manager said this...

“There’s no animosity,’’ Beeston told the Globe and Mail of Toronto. “He’s just not inclined to sign with us.’’

The world champion New York Yankees are also giving Halladay a close look, as are the Angels and Dodgers, winners all. I can say this...the team that ends up with him will have the services of one of the best pitchers in all of major league baseball. What a terrific Red Sox top three they would be...Beckett, Lester and Halladay. Wishful thinking? We'll see.

Albert Pujols was the unanimous winner of the National League Most Valuable Player, deservedly so. Here he is...

"I'm just humbled," Pujols said.

What about another World Series title, Albert?

"I always make a joke. I got 10 fingers. I want to get nine more rings," he said. "I want to get as many as Derek Jeter has so far (five). Obviously that's hard to do."

That's the spirit, Mr. Pujols. You deserve that award and that's why the vote was unanimous. Keep on keeping on. I'm happy you don't play in the American League. VERY happy.

Have a great Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. If you're going to be out there on those crowded roads and highways, watch out for the other guy. He or she might not be paying attention or might be impaired in some way. With the correct amount of time, evasive action would be easy. But you know that.

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