Monday, November 23, 2009

JD Drew Okie Dokie After Shoulder Surgery

Boston Red Sox right fielder JD Drew underwent minor shoulder surgery on his LEFT shoulder, a procedure that will not interfere with his off season workout program. He explains...

“It’s the AC joint, right on top,” he said in June. “It started in the collarbone and worked its way down. It’s more of a tennis elbow kind of thing where it wears on you after a while. This one started minor and then graduated into more of a strong tendinitis in the joint.”

JD needed cortisione shots in the middle of last season for that non-throwing shoulder but that will not be the case in 2010. It's called preventive medicine, done in the off season so that the player can contribute without pain the next season...makes a whole lot of sense to me. You too, I'd wager.

In other Red Sox news, news which is slim these days before the Hot Stove fires are stoked, there are a few out there who think that Mike Lowell, with his diminished range because of his surgically repaired hip, might take up first base, moving the versatile Youk over to the hot corner. I don't think this will happen even though it's not a bad idea. I think the Red Sox, in their quest for a 30 home run slugger, will go after Adrian Gonzales (or one other). If they land him (or him), Mikey would be trade material, much as I HATE to say it. He's a genuinely nice guy who is a credit to the Boston Red Sox. No, I'm not waving bye-bye, not yet, not by a long shot.

That's it for this early Monday morning. As the Hot Stove heats up, so will the news. I'll stay on top of everything and be here for you every day in every way. That's the way I do things, I guess. As always, BE WELL on this short work week. See ya.


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