Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lackey Looking? UCONN Women Open 2009-2010 Season. Post #2400

Good Saturday morning to you and yours. There are still a couple hours before the sun brightens the cloudy, rainy skies but I've already perused the Boston newspapers and come up with a little something from the Boston Herald. Boston is likely to be meeting with many player's agents, players who are looking to join a new team and yesterday Theo Epstein met with the agent of Angel's right hander John Lackey. Lackey doesn't exactly like the Boston Red Sox and after losing two tough decisions to Jon Lester in the 2008 postseason, he said this, among a few other choice comments. You see, he's an intense guy who absolutely hates to lose...

“ (I want to) throw somebody through a window. We lost to a team that’s not better than us,” he said. “We are a better team than they are. . . . We shouldn’t have given up anything.”

I don't agree with the guy but he sure knows how to vocally express his inner feelings. Lackey went 11-8 last year with the Halos and had a sparkling ERA of 3.83. Do the Red Sox need another starter? They have five established guys who will be ready to go in February and they have to address a long-term contract for Josh Beckett. But you know the old saying that's proven true time after time each and every year...YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH PITCHING.

Lackey would be a valuable addition to a great starting rotation. We all know that. We also all know that Boston will be looking for a power hitting leftfielder, another hitter along the lines of Adrian Gonzales (my fingers are crossed...toes, too), another bullpen guy and a shortstop. Not an easy task for Theo and company but the next three months will be busy ones, to say the least. I love the drama of the negotiations and the elation that ensues when a coveted free agent dons a Boston Red Sox uniform for the first time.

On a side note, this is post number 2300 for me, a nice crooked number. I started this ode to the Red Sox and their fans in November of 2005 and I think I've missed a total of three or four days. It's what I do first thing in the morning and I'd be lost in the desert with no water without the reassuring sound of fingers hitting keys. I'm sure glad there are people like you who take the few minutes to read the words that result. For that, I thank you. Here's to 2300 more, God willing.

Have a great weekend as the University of Connecticut national champion women Huskies begin their 2009-2010 season with a home game against Northeastern. Those Huskies have won 39 straight games, all by ten points or more. No team in basketball of any kind has ever done that. Game time is 2pm EST on Connecticut Public Television (CPTV...CPTV HD) or on WTIC AM 1080 radio in Hartford. The game is also available at wtic dot com the world over. You can also click on this post's title for more on the Red Sox and as always, BE WELL. Have a terrific weekend and GO HUSKIES!


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