Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wag The Dog...AL Cy Young Award Winner...UCONN Women Win Their 41st In A Row

Billy Wagner enjoyed his playing days for the Boston Red Sox last year and it looks now that he's leaning towards changing his mind and accepting the role of setup guy for Jonathon Papelbon. You see, he was dead-set against anything but being a closer in 2010 just a month ago but it seems that Boston general manager Theo Epstein has kept in touch with Wags and his agent and he is leaning the other way. Here's Theo Epstein and then I'll be back with a few thoughts of my own...

“In an ideal world, we’d love to have Billy back if he were willing to accept a non-closer role. It seems like he is,’’ Sox general manager Theo Epstein said. “But we would have to restructure a few things with some other pieces of the club to be able to afford that luxury with what he’s likely to make next year. I think there’s a really good relationship there. If we can find a way where it fits for us and it works for him, then we’ll do it."

Thumbs-up, Theo. Having Wagner back as part of the seventh and eighth inning bridge to Papelbon AND as insurance just in case something (God forbid) happens to Paps during the season would help the ball club immensely. I now expect him back and it'll be great to have a mostly lights-out lefty in the bullpen. This is a no-lose situation for the Red Sox and I DO believe it will happen. C'mon aboard, Billy! Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International awaits.

Zack Greinke outdistanced Felix Hernandez and won the 2009 American League Cy Young award. He had a record of 16-8 and an unbelievable league low ERA of 2.16. If he played for a team that could hit better he might have gone 19-5 but no matter, the best pitcher won the award, hands down. He received 25 of 28 first place votes. Felix Hernandez, the runner up, was 19-5 with an ERA of 2.49 for the Seattle Mariners. But the clear victor was Greinke. Good for him...he was impossible to hit last year.

I've run out of baseball stuff to write about on this early (as usual) Wednesday Hump Day morning. Start your slide into the weekend, click on the title for more baseball news and as always, BE WELL. Oh...the UCONN national champion women's basketball team won its second game of the season IN Texas against number 10 Texas. The margin of victory was 25. That win makes it 41 (forty one) in a row...not bad, huh? See ya.


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