Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Red Sox Arbitration Bits...and more

The Red Sox will offer arbitration by the end of the day to soon-to-be free agents Jason Bay and pitcher Billy Wagner. We know Bay is going to test his value and become a free agent seeking a four year deal. Boston has already offered him a $60 million four year contract but, as you probably know, he declined. The Sox will still be in the hunt...they need a power hitter and Bay or (maybe and?) Adrian Gonzales top their list. I don't expect to see Doc Halladay in a Red Sox uniform next year. The asking price will be too high. So I think the Sox will go after Bay and/or Gonzalez. My goodness, both would be extraordinary.

Don't forget the aforementioned Billy Wagner, who has hinted he might like to come back and be an eighth inning pitcher, part of the bridge to Paps and a guy who could close out a game in the ninth if Papelbon has been overworked. His arbitration decision is a big, fat question mark. I, for one, would welcome him back. I think we ALL would. C'mon, Billy.

Last night, the New Orleans Saints thumped and bumped the New England Patriots. The final score was 38-17 and right now they are the cream of the NFL crop. The Pat's defense was undressed and raped by the Saints offense, most notably by Saints' quarterback Drew Brees.

I'm just about finished for this early morning (early, what else is new with me?) Tuesday. Tiger Woods has declined to play in his own PGA tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, held in California this week. He has still not talked to the California Highway Patrol, something he doesn't HAVE to do but boy, it would save him from SO much tabloid journalism and relieve golf fans' anxiety. He f*cked up, that's my opinion. Click on this post's title for every news article about his early morning single car accident. I'm serious! Click away.

Baseball news is slow, but it won't be for long. Get ready! That Hot Stove is slowly starting to warm up, bit by bit. As always, BE WELL.


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