Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red Sox Roadblock Blues

Jason Bay's agent, Joe Urbon, had some harsh words for the Boston Red Sox yesterday. Now it seems that there is a major roadblock diminishing the chances of Bay returning to Fenway's leftfield. Bay rejected Boston's first offer of $60 million for four years. The Red Sox made a second offer, which I'm sure was higher but it seems it was not high enough. Here is Urbon...

“It’s pretty simple. We reject the Red Sox’ latest offer for a number of reasons but primarily the valuation of the offer isn’t where we think it should be, nor is it where other clubs have valued Jason in this marketplace,’’ Urbon said. “That’s just led Jason to be more interested in the other opportunities at this point, rather than with the Red Sox. We’ve been talking with them for 10 months,’’ Urbon said. “We’ve got to a point where, based on the offers we’ve received from other clubs, we needed to make it clear where we stand, and they’ve made it clear where they stand. If they want, they can reengage at some point in this process, but we’re not going to wait. We can’t wait. We have to go at the pace of the other clubs.’’

Doesn't sound good, does it? Boston, in my opinion, sticks to their guns when sometimes another $10 million or so would do the trick. I just don't understand. Theo Epstein has repeatedly said that retaining Bay is a huge priority. Will this slip through his and John Henry's fingers? We'll have to wait. But the Yankees have been busy and have vastly improved their outfield with the acquisition of Curtis Gunderson. Theo, can you hear me? Oh, the pinstripers released former ace pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. He'll find another club and will be ready to pitch by June. He was ineffective last year because of injury.

That's it...have a great Sunday. It's cold here in north central Connecticut (11 degrees F) but those temps will rebound into the middle 30s. Click on this post's title for the latest Bay news and as always, BE WELL.


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