Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Winter Meetings Begin...Larry Lucchino And Theo Epstein Speak

Happy Sunday, everyone. We had a little snow last night but not much. That's OK, there will be plenty of the white stuff by April. The MLB winter meetings will be held this week and the Boston Red Sox have to make multiple deals. The shortstop position is in very good hands but still needed are a left fielder, bench guys and pitching help for the starting rotation (just one) and the bullpen (multiple arms). DO NOT RULE OUT A BLOCKBUSTER DEAL. I think there is a better than 50/50 chance that something like that will happen. Do not expect the Jays' Doc Halladay unless the asking price drops. Adrian Gonzales, the Padres slugging first baseman, is a much better possibility. Jason Bay would be nice with a little moolah help from John Henry's wallet. He knows the Wall, he'll hit thirty taters and we all know he's very comfortable in Boston. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein was asked by the assembled media on Saturday some fairly interesting questions. Here's a smattering of what he had to say...

“I’d say 90 percent of our time as baseball operations is spent trying to build the foundation and build our long-term outlook. Ten percent of our time is spent maximizing our competitiveness in any one particular year. So the short fix, the shiny toy, it’s always attractive, it’s always a temptation, there’s always a seduction there.

Larry Lucchino had much to say. Here's a bit...

“The best franchises in baseball are those that keep one eye on the present and one eye on the future, because you can’t be intensively focused on one at the expense of the other,’’ Lucchino said. “The lifeblood of the franchise is having young talent coming up year after year. Maybe one guy one year, maybe two or three guys another year, but to have that regular flow, it enables one to do what we’re talking about, to have more of a balance between the present and the future. But in the end you have to realize you’re not going to win every single year, you’re not going to win 95 games every year, you’re not going to make the playoffs every year, you’re certainly not going to win the World Series every year.

LL spoke the truth...I agree with him 100%. This is the busiest time of the post season and the Sox want those four or five guys who will put them over the top and keep them in the running for October play. I couldn't imagine them NOT being in it until the very end. Faith (and money), that's what it's all about. I DO know one thing...Theo has his hands full but every one of us knows he can do it. He will.

I hope your Sunday will be a terrific one, a day of rest, maybe some shopping (not me) and a nice meal or three. I'll be back to start the new week early tomorrow morning or sooner if needed. You can click on this post's title for the Boston Herald's Red Sox homepage. Included is a revealing conversation with Big Papi from the Dominican Republic. I loved it. As always, BE WELL, be safe out there and please come back. Thanks.


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