Friday, January 29, 2010

Contreras To Philly...Will Petey Follow?

The Philadelphia Phillies, who came so close to winning it all last season but were outmatched by the NY Yankees, have signed pitcher Jose Contreras to a one year deal for one and a half million bucks. While pitching for the pinstripers, Jose bended under the unending pressure. He's capable, with a good and solid ball club like the Phillies, to be an effective pitcher. He will most likely come out of the bullpen to blow away four or five batters, especially if the Phillies, as rumored, bring back Pedro "Petey" Martinez. I'd do it in a minute if I were them. As for Contreras, he's a great pickup by the National League champs. Here is the Philadelphia GM...

“Jose is a versatile pitcher who will likely get stretched out in spring training as a starter, but our scouts feel he is best suited for a significant role in the bullpen," Philadelphia GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "His competitiveness and durability are pluses and what he showed in his brief stint as a reliever in Colorado gives us reason to believe that he makes our pitching staff stronger."

Look for Philadelphia to be in it until the end...they're THAT strong. In the coming days I'll pick my division winners in both leagues. I'm not good at prognostication and the only race that's a lock is the one in the AL East. But I'll give it a shot. Oh, I almost forgot this. The Mets are looking to sign John Smoltz to a one year incentive-laden deal. At 43, he wants to try it again. I think the National League is the place where he should be. Face it, he was a bust in Boston.

I hope your Friday will be a great one..the weekend, too. It's a shiveringly cold 3 degrees here in north central Connecticut with wind chills about ten degrees below zero. Schools are delayed, black ice is all over the place, just about everything! Even the sun hasn't showed its face yet. It's still January, I know, I know.

You can click on this post's title for more baseball news and as always and forever, BE WELL. I'll see ya...soon.


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