Saturday, January 23, 2010

Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye...UCONN WOMEN Win 58th IN A ROW, All By Double Digits

This is from Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated dot vom, just now...

"Johnny Damon and the Yankees spoke again within the past few days, and Damon now has been given the weekend to decide whether he wants to come back on a bargain deal.
The chances he will accept a low-base contract for a few million dollars (probably no more than $5 million guaranteed) from the Yankees still appear slim, so Damon's tenure with the team could officially end early next week.
The Yankees plan to sign an outfielder from the remaining list of free agents that includes Reed Johnson, Randy Winn, Xavier Nady, Jim Edmonds and Jermaine Dye by mid-week if Damon doesn't call them in the next couple days. The Yankees are telling free agents they have about $2 million left in their budget"

The Yankees HAVE A BUDGET? Maybe this year. Only the sons of George would know. And as Damon would say..."it's only business." Take the money, dummy.

By the way, the University of Connecticut women's national championship basketball team, the Huskies, won their 58th straight game this afternoon on the road in Philadelphia, humiliating Villanova IN Philadelphia by a score of 74-35. That's 58 in a row DOUBLE DIGIT WINS. Every one of 'em. My goodness!

1 2 Final
Ct. 45 29 74
Vil. 12 23 35

Simply click on this post's title for all about the game in Philadelphia from the Associated Press. See ya. BE WELL.


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