Sunday, January 17, 2010

UCONN Women Roll To 56th Straight Over ND..Yankees vs. Red Sox Hot Stove Doings

The National Champion and number one in the country University of Connecticut women Huskies basketball team soundly thrashed the number three team, none other than Notre Dame, by a score of 70-46 in Storrs, Connecticut in front of a sold-out wildly cheering crowd. Before you knew it, the Huskies had jumped out to a 17-2 lead. Remember, Notre Dame has beaten its opponents by an average of over twenty points, but not Saturday night. The UCONN women have now won 56 straight contests, all by double digits, including this year the numbers 2, 3, 7 and 10 teams in the nation. I know there was a football game on last night at 9pm ET but I hope you caught a bit of the game, oh, say the first 15 minutes. Dick Vitale, lovable him, was going nuts! So was I. Oh yes!!

John Tomase of the Boston Herald ran an article in the Sunday morning paper that compares the best and the worst of the 2009-2010 hot stove season. With his permission I'd like to show you his NY Yankee and Boston Red Sox evaluations. Here you go...

YANKEES - "Continuing their trend of acquiring All-Stars in their prime, the Yankees struck quickly this offseason to land center fielder Curtis Granderson from the Tigers, upgrading one of their weakest positions. They then added Javier Vazquez from the Braves, giving them one of the deepest rotations in the game."

RED SOX - "Mock run prevention all you want, but the only the misstep the Sox have made was not sticking to their original offer after correctly reading the Jason Bay market. Regardless, John Lackey gives them another horse atop the rotation, while Marco Scutaro and Adrian Beltre represent significant upgrades at short and third."

OK, I'm back and yes, the Yankees bought a bone fide center fielder. Curtis will fill a void for the pinstripers and he should be a great fit. We all know their multi-million dollar starting rotation, a quintet that brought them a world championship. The Bombers made that quintet better with the acquisition of the always tough Javier Vazquez. The Yankees will be in the thick of things all season long and probably into mid October. They are good.

The Boston Red Sox also did well. The shortstop hole has been filled with Marco Scutaro, a capable man on defense who will bat near the bottom of the order but will provide left side solidity, as will, to a greater extent, the new hot corner guy, Adrian Beltre. What an infield Boston has! The outfield? With Cameron in center, JD in right and the speedy Ellsbury making love to the Green Monster, we're outstanding there too! February approaches. Please let us all hope and pray for no debilitating injuries. It's not life, it's baseball. I know that, but I love the Boston Red Sox. I guess it runs inside me, deep inside. And say a prayer for the people on the island of Haiti. My God.

Click on this post's title for all the details and video interviews of yesterday's ESPN Gameday game as UCONN kept it going. As always, BE WELL. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the football games. Thanks. A comment or two would be great! I'll answer every one of 'em. Promise. See ya.


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