Thursday, February 04, 2010

Back With A Bullet...GONZALEZ Still A Mid-Season Possibility For SOME Team

I came across an article in the Thursday Boston Herald (thank you Herald) that I wanted to run by you. I'll follow the gist of the story with my non-expert opinion on why it makes NO sense for the Boston Red Sox.

San Diego Padre's CEO has more than hinted that his club will be shedding power hitting first baseman Adrian Gonzales, who the Red Sox at one point a few months ago coveted badly. Youk would have moved over to third and the club would have been better than it was at the time. Gonzales can and will become a free agent after the 2011 season...unless. Here's part of what Moorad had to say...

“While I’d be thrilled to have him part of the organization for the long term, the early signals indicate his cost will be greater than our ability to pay,” Moorad said.

Look for the Padres to entertain serious trade offers by the July 31 deadline. What an addition Adrian would be to, say, the NY Yankees star-studded lineup...but NOT the Boston Red Sox crew. With newly acquired third baseman Adrian Beltre, Boston has no place for another first baseman. Youk will be there, with Beltre at third and Pedey and Scutaro in the middle. To put it simply, THE INFIELD IS ALL SET. Period.

From the Boston Globe's EXTRA BASES comes this. Fox is considering doing a few Saturday night regular season games in primetime, beginning shortly after 8pm. Here are two of the dates being considered (thank you Boston Globe)...

Saturday May 22: Yankees-Mets, Red Sox-Phillies, Cubs-Rangers or Tigers-Dodgers.

Saturday June 26: Yankees-Dodgers, Red Sox-Giants or Cubs-White Sox.

Uhh, inter-league games...but I'd watch 'em. Let's face it, Fox has nothing stronger ratings-wise in its Saturday 8-11pm schedule. They would not be losing any ratings points...hey, they might gain a few. Go for it, Fox. And pick the Sox.

It's nice to be back from my one day self-imposed "vacation." I just didn't HAVE it yesterday. But I'm back with a bullet and God willing, I'll keep on doing what I do best. And that's this...give you all the Boston Red Sox news that I can. You can click on this post's title for more Sox stuff and as always, BE WELL. Thanks.


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