Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daisuke Looks Good..A Comment Response

Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, who was only able to start 12 games last year with limited success, apparently has worked hard to get back into tip top shape during the off season. Those who have seen him say it's obvious. Here's one of them...

“He worked hard this winter, that’s evident,’’ general manager Theo Epstein said. “He has lost weight. Obviously we want to see him pitch well, but everything has gone the way we hoped,’’ he said. “Daisuke is important to us.’’

Matsuzaka is a vital part of the 2010 Red Sox. Don't forget, his favorite saying is "revenge." If we see the Daisuke of 2008 reemerge this season, watch out AL East even without a surplus of hitting.

I received a comment from "cejkwo" in response to my yesterday's post telling me what he thinks of the current Red Sox hitting prowess. I love receiving comments and respond to every single one of 'em. It read like this...

" prevention my ass. It's going to be the same old story...get by the 4th hitter and you're home free. This has to be the worst offensive team in my lifetime."

I don't know how long your lifetime has been but here's my response. Boston has improved their pitching and their defense spectacularly but their ability to smash the ball took a hit to the chin with the departure of Jason Bay. I would not go as far as "ceikwo," however. Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre will thrive in cozy Fenway Park. Youk and Pedey will be Youk and Pedey. We're all hoping for the real Big Papi to show up at the START of the season, not one third of the way through. HE WILL. They improved their shortstop offense big time...don't forget that. To sum up, with Boston's super improved defense and their star-studded pitching rotation, I think they'll be fine. They and the Yankees, barring significant injuries, will take home the AL East and/or the AL wild card. That's just one guy's opinion, someone who cannot tell the future until it becomes the present and then sadly, the past.

Enjoy the Olympics on this still-dark Sunday. The UCONN women were tested by number 25 St. Johns yesterday but won their 64th game in a row, all by double digits. The final score was a low one for the Huskies, who are averaging 80 plus points. That score was 66-52. In UCONN women's terms, that's a close game. Center Tina Charles shined on the afternoon her uniform and number were uncovered on the Huskie's Wall of Honor. It was a great two hours for me.

That's it for this February 14th, Valentines Day 2010. I hope you're happy, healthy and with your loved one(s). I'm not but I'm sure Nadia will call from Minnesota when she awakens. She always does. To wake HER up is dangerous, so I don't! Click on this post's title for SI dot com's coverage of the 2010 Olympics and as always, BE WELL.


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