Friday, February 26, 2010

Do The Red Sox Have Enough BOP?

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy wrote an interesting piece that was published in today's newspaper. His subject was the 2010 Boston Red Sox offense, or lack there of. I've received various comments in the recent past about exactly that. The sportswriters have chipped in, too. Oh, no, we've lost Jason Bay. Woe is us. Big Papi doesn't "have it" anymore. Oh, the humanity! I say BAH HUMBUG. Kevin Youkilis seems to feel the same way about these preseason predictions, if that's what you want to call them...

“Predictions are predictions. You’ve just got to go out and play your game and you can’t really worry about it."

So take that! Here's Pedey Pedroia and then I'll type a few thoughts of my very own. I almost always do. You know that. Here's Pedey...

“We’ll be fine,’’ said Pedroia. “We’ve got a lot of good offensive players. I don’t think anybody can judge our offense until we get out there and start playing. I don’t even know what our lineup’s going to be, but wherever we’re at, we’re going to hit. We were third in the league in offense last year and we only had Victor (Martinez) for half the year. I know we lost Jason Bay, but everyone’s going to have to pick up the slack and we’re confident we’re going to do that. We’re going to have guys that grind out at-bats and work the counts,’’ said Pedroia. “That’s been our strength for a long time."

I agree with Pedey in every way. Our hitters will make the opposing teams' pitchers wear themselves out after five innings, unless, of course, someone is spinning a beauty. Our starting rotation will spin more than a few of 'em too. The hitting? Look at the post just below this one as I go hitter by hitter, in approximate order. Jacoby Ellsbury will improve his on base numbers every year. He has lightning speed. Pedey Pedroia, who I would like to see in the two spot, makes solid contact as well as anyone in Major League Baseball. V-Mart and that's offense, as are the next two hitters, JD Drew and the hopefully much improved Big Papi David Ortiz. That's the top six. Cameron, Beltran and Scutaro will round out the potent enough lineup. Don't worry about the Boston Red Sox offense. That's all I can say. If the pitchers, every one of them, stay healthy, the Sox will be at or near the top and will be playing deep into late October. I've got a feeling about this team. I really do.

You can click on this post's title for all the Winter Olympics coverage from SI dot com. The USA is doing just fine, thank you. Have a great Friday as rain might change to snow here in north central Connecticut. What a weird storm. Right now it's moving east to west. Hey, for a low pressure system, that's backwards! What is falling as snow in Phillie and New Jersey is rain here. To the west of me, parts of eastern New York State have approached 3-4 FEET! Wow. Holy you-know-what.

Hey, as always, BE WELL. Click on that title if you wish. Your comments are always welcome and always answered. See ya.


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