Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jacoby In Left Is A GOOD Thing

Hello on this sad (for some) Sunday morning, the last day (already?) of February. Chile is devastated despite their strict building code. They're used to earthquakes. They live on a fault line, a crack deep inside the earth. But an 8.8 quake is an 8.8, 1000 times more powerful than the devastating earthquake in Haiti. I wish them the best. My God, two major earthquakes in six weeks. Now, less important stuff...

Jacoby Ellsbury will be just fine playing left field for the Sox. His manager, Terry Francona, said this...

"Nobody’s going to be able to score on Jacoby in left field. He’s quick. If you’re quick to the ball here (Fenway), you can’t send base runners. You just have to get it in the air. He’s fast enough to get back to the Wall and for short balls, he’s going to cut balls off coming in; and for groundballs through the hole, he’s going to get to and get it in the air. We’ve actually altered our cutoffs and relays. Jacoby will be a Carl Crawford,” Francona said. “That’s the best example - Tampa Bay center fielder B.J. Upton and left fielder Crawford - you hit a ball and you think you have a rally and you’re out."

OUT! I'll say it again...OUT!!!! We'll see a lot of them this year when the opposing teams hit the baseball to the new and improved Boston Red Sox outfield. I wish Boston would enable Jacoby to practice his left field skills with a Green Monster down in Florida but that might be too much to ask. It doesn't matter. With his throwing arm, left field is a perfect fit. Remember, he catches the ball with his gloved RIGHT hand. In left, that's ideal, especially with Cameron in center.

Have a great Sunday. My heart goes out to those in Chile and I hope the aftershocks have ended. But there are people under the rubble. God bless them, please. As always, BE WELL.


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