Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Six Man Rotation For The 2010 Boston Red Sox

People who have seen Clay Buchholz down in Ft. Myers, Florida have noticed that he has gained weight and strength and bulked up by 10 plus pounds. In short, he looks good as he tries to swipe the fifth spot in the rotation from Timmy Wakefield. Here he is...

“I weigh as much as I’ve ever weighed and feel good. Still agile and everything,’’ he said. “It took a little bit of work to get there. I think it’s going to be even more work to stay here.’’

Clay has always had a problem gaining weight. I have a hint...milk shakes! Last season he compiled a 7-4 record, finishing strong, with an ERA of 4.21. Respectable numbers indeed. The Sox will keep Matsuzaka in their impressive starting quintet because they're paying him $8 million for him to be there. Buchholz clearly has the talent and the stuff to be a member of ANY team's rotation but Wakefield has been around longer than just about anyone on the team. Here's Clay once again...

He (Wakefield) gets the benefit of the doubt if you ask me,’’ Buchholz said. “Either person is going to have to win the spot and I’ll go with what they give me if that is not the case.’’

And Theo's take on Buchholz...

“He has prepared himself and is at an advanced stage compared to where most guys are,’’ general manager Theo Epstein said.

I love Timmy Wakefield...after all, he made the All Star team and has dedicated himself to the Sox for ages. But I also want to see Clay Buchholz pitch every five days. This entire situation might turn extremely awkward, much like the lack of a playing position for Mikey Lowell. Deep down, if Mike regains his health after his thumb surgery (which I KNOW he will), Theo will do his best to trade him to another team, a team where he'll be able to play just about every day. I wish him the best. It's hard to imagine the Boston Red Sox without him. As for Clay Buchholz and Tim Wakefield, may the best man win and may the Sox have one guy ready to come in should a starter falter in a game or go down with an injury. I think that's the only way the chips can fall. We'll see.

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At 2/16/2010 10:39 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Hi Pete. I think if a new home can't be found for Lowell, he may be a bench guy for the Sox. Spot starts at 3rd, 1b or dh and a pinch hitter. That would still leave room for Tek, Hall & Hermida. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

At 2/16/2010 11:36 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

You're right...it will be interesting. Great to hear from you...it's been a while. Gotta go.

At 2/17/2010 10:57 AM, Blogger Dias said...

I know that the Red Sox expect their aces to pitch more complete games this season, so eventually Tim would every now and then pitch for a longer relief for them (Beckettt and Lester), like every 7 or 8 days. We can't forget that this is not merely a question of who's better, but also who's healthy, and Tim is just coming out from a problem with his back.

I would like to see how Lowell will do in the first half, and then the Sox should decide what to do with him during the break, I mean, if he's completely healthy and playing well, he might stay and contribute or even be used as a great trade-player to get a power hitter for the lineup (a kinda of player we do not have right now, excpet for our hopes that Ortiz will come back this year to what he used to be).


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