Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Schilling On Beckett..SIGN HIM! Super Bowl Ratings Soared To New Heights

The Boston Globe pointed me to a post on Curt Schilling's blog 38 PITCHES that made SO much sense to me. Its subject was this...the Boston Red Sox should re-sign their ace, Josh Beckett. NOW! Here's a bit of that post. I've linked 38 Pitches to the title of this post. Simply click on it. OK, here goes...

"Here’s why, barring some freakish medical issue which I assume he doesn’t have or there would be bigger problems, you sign Josh now...
I know Josh as well as anyone knows Josh. There is not a sliver of a chance that you get anything less than his total focus, concentration and effort for every day he’s under contract, no matter what his uniform says. He pushes himself with an internal bar and set of values that not many kids have. That isn’t going to change, in fact I’d argue that it’s only gotten ‘better’ over the past few years. He’s getting to a stage in his career where the mental work, the prep work, is going to meet and surpass the physical effort. I do believe Jon Lester is an ace in the making, he’s going to be a legit #1 very soon, if not this year, the only thing stopping that is his command, when that comes he’s as good as there is, combining that with Josh, with Dice, with Clay and Lackey, there aren’t many deeper or more talented rotations anywhere. You lock Josh up you lock up the top 3 spots in your rotation (well 4 if you don’t trade Clay) for the next 3-5 years, and each of those spots is occupied by a 1 or a 2. In the AL East you go into each season with a legitimate shot at winning it all with that mix."

My Constant Readers, John Henry and Theo Epstein, listen to Schill. PLEASE! Do not let Beckett have the chance to become a free agent. Do not wait until the end of the season to lock him up with a multi-year contract. It might cost you a ton of money but look at the return on those dollars. With Lester and Lackey, there are three number one starters in the Red Sox rotation. Throw in Buchholz and Matsuzaka and you have, as Curt said, just about the best rotation in all of major league baseball. This is a no-brainer for me...sign him now!! Of course, it's not MY wallet.

CBS scored big in terms of viewers for the 2010 Super Bowl. The Sunday night telecast surpassed the ratings of 1983's final M*A*S*H episode. That was 1983...this is now and the Super Bowl drew 106 million people. That's simply amazing. I'm just happy it was a great game and my pick, the Saints, won it. Great job, CBS. Great job, New Orleans.

I'll have a snowy post first thing tomorrow morning. The forecast for southern New England, including me, calls for a foot of snow (or more) starting early Wednesday morning. I'll let you know the numbers then. Coastal storms, known here as nor'easters, are hard to predict. Many of them explode when they reach the eastern seaboard waters, bombarding us with heavy snow and winds. On the other hand, many go south and east out to sea and others pass to the west, bringing in warmer air and rain. It looks like this one will remain close and give us a heavy and deep blanket of the white stuff with near blizzard conditions. Stay tuned.

You can click on this post's title to be zapped to Curt Schilling's blog. Thanks for stopping in and as always, BE WELL.


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