Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Super CBS Sunday Coming Up

The 2010 Super Bowl will air on CBS and CBS HD this evening and CBS will be doing everything to hit a viewership of 100 million pairs of eyes. That number is unprecedented in television history. Here's CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus. He started out sarcastically...

"This year we're going to do nothing interesting or surprising. It will be the same old crap you see on pregame shows."

Of course, he was joking. He continued in a more serious vein...

"If we get a close game, I think we will get an extraordinary rating," said McManus. "And if we get just an OK game, I still think we get a really good rating with the storylines involved. Our game is going to do a record number."

I think he's exactly right. This is the New Orleans Saints' first Super Bowl appearance and we all know the troubles and hardships that city has been through. Indianapolis? That's another story. On the strength of Peyton Manning's right arm and his ability to put the ball exactly where he wants to, they're an every-year post season club. This year was no different but someone who goes by the name of Drew Brees will have something to say about that.

Have a terrific Super Sunday. Be careful out there if you're on the road because some people aren't exactly sober on days like this. Soon, the Super Bowl will be moved to Saturday...mark my words. You can click on this post's title for more on the game and why the New Orleans Saints will win in an upset (I did not bet on the game, by the way). 24-21 Saints and the marching will start. After all, when the Saints go marching in. As Neil Young wrote and sang, "tonight's the night." Let it be, let it be.


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