Friday, February 05, 2010

Takahashi Boston Bound? Hankie Steinbrenner Predicts...

I found this little ditty in today's Boston Globe Extra Bases. I wanted to pass it on to you...

"Patrick from NPB Tracker passes along word from Japan that the Red Sox have offered a minor-league contract to lefthander Hisanori Takahashi. He'll be 35 in April and is swingman type. Takahashi had a 2.94 ERA for the Yomiuri Giants last season. The Dodgers, Giants and Padres also have made offers."

He's on the ancient side but he's a lefty and he had a great ERA last year. Boston could always use another arm in the bullpen. They're stocked at every other position as we approach the days of pitchers, catchers and players reporting to Ft. Myers. I like what I see.

Hank Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees has boldly predicted that he expects his team to win it all again in 2010. He very recently said this...

“The two trades that GM Brian Cashman did I was really pleased with and very proud of,” said Steinbrenner, a team co-chairman. “I think that is going to make a big difference for us. We needed another top-notch starter and got one in Vazquez."

He's right about the fact that the Yankees did improve themselves but I predict they are going to miss Johnny Damon batting in the vital number two spot behind Derek Jeter. Just a thought. And one other thought, if you please. The first article in the Boston Herald's Red Sox home page was all about Adrian Gonzales and how much the Boston Red Sox could use his bat in the middle of their lineup. Ummm, there's only one problem. WHAT POSITION WOULD HE PLAY?? We have Youk at first and can no longer move him to third because that will be Adrian Beltre territory. He's the best in the business. Much ado about nothing.

Have a great Friday. If you live on the east coast south of New England and north of South Carolina, boy, you're about to be dumped on. DC, Baltimore, Philly and others should receive two feet (!!) of the white stuff. Washington will be snow-crippled for the second time this year. Why hasn't the same thing happened in Southern New England? I asked, I'll tell. There have been ice cold high pressure systems to our north all winter long that block any low pressure systems and their accompanying precipitation from moving north of Long Island, New York. I'd love one big storm, preferably on a weekend but this monster will not be the one. When you watch the national news Saturday, take a look at DC. What might have been...not.

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