Friday, February 12, 2010

TRUCK DAY...Jerry Remy's New Restaurant

Today, Friday February 12th, is TRUCK DAY, a day that to marks the beginning of the 2010 season. The following is from the Boston Globe's EXTRA BASES, with my thanks...

"The New England novelty that is Truck Day is today. The team equipment truck is scheduled to leave Fenway Park for Fort Myers, Fla., at approximately noon Friday from Van Ness Street and Gate D. Keep this to yourself, but much of the equipment was already shipped out to create extra space for the NHL’s Winter Classic Jan. 1. But that won’t spoil the fun."

It's just a couple months until the start of real baseball circa 2010. Will high hopes turn into magic reality stuffed with memories that will last forever for every one of us? Only the SHADOW knows. I sure hope so. So do you.

Jerry Remy is healthy now, thank God, and he has a wonderful restaurant in the making literally in the shadow of Fenway Park. If you click on this post's title, you will know all about it. It's nice to see Jerry smiling and happy and most importantly, healthy. He went through SO much with his recent illness, an ailment that is GONE. GOD bless him. He'll be doing the NESN broadcasts with Don, too. Click on that title and as always, BE WELL. Thanks for stopping in.


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