Thursday, February 11, 2010

Youk On Boston...Damon To Atlanta?

It seems that Boston Red Sox first/third baseman and fan favorite Kevin Youkilis, though he grew up in Cincinnati, loves living in suburban Boston. He does so year round. Sure, people recognize him on the street but it's usually with a hearty hello or a vocal "YOUK." The important thing is this...HE WANTS TO STAY. Here are some of his comments with my thanks to the Boston Herald and Steve Buckley...

“I see myself, if everything goes well, retiring as a member of the Red Sox,” said Youkilis earlier this week, following a morning round of batting practice at the team’s minor-league complex in Fort Myers. “That’s my goal. I want to finish my career with the Red Sox, and that’s not something that a lot of players do. I like it here,” he said. “I like living here. It’s a cool town,” he said. “It’s a cool city. I don’t want to knock any city when I say this, but there’s a lot of cool stuff about Boston. And not just the city. You can get in your car and drive to Vermont, and that’s a whole other world. Or Portland, Maine, where I played. Look, I play baseball because I love baseball, not because 30,000 fans are cheering me on. But that’s part of it. And once you understand that, everything is fine."

Kevin Youkilis is an important part of the Red Sox team. He's essential...a Gold Glover at first base and a potent force at the plate. I wouldn't even want to THINK about him playing elsewhere. Youk, we love ya! Retire here!!

Speaking of playing elsewhere, Melky Cabrera, the ex-Yankee who was traded to Atlanta, might play next to a former teammate in the Braves outfield this coming season. Who? Johnny Damon. Damon hit .286 and smacked 24 taters last year with the pinstripers. Not shabby numbers, are they? He would bat leadoff for the Braves and would make a fine addition to that club. I'm happy he won't be playing for the Yankees and batting second behind Jeter. New York is astoundingly better with him in the lineup. He's a tough out whose swing is catered to Yankee Stadium's short right outfield porch. See ya Johnny.

The expected snowstorm that I posted about yesterday decided to advance its snow shield only to the southern Connecticut shoreline. We ended up with only 3 inches while the coast were covered with six to twelve inches. The jackpot? Again, unbelievably, was Washington DC, a land of buried cars, caved-in roofs and general mayhem. I wish them luck. They've received more snow in the past ten days than they ever have. Would you believe 50 (!!) inches of the white stuff? It's true.

On that cold note I must take my leave. Have a great Thursday, stay warm and as always, BE WELL. Click on this post's title for the latest on the injury to US skier Lindsey Vonn's shin, something that might keep her out of the Winter Olympics. So sad. Thanks for stopping in. I appreciate every one of you. I really do. Click away.


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