Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Assembling A Red Sox Lineup That Makes Sense And Maximizes Run Production

Boston Red Sox manager Terry "Tito" Francona is trying to devise a lineup, a lineup he can stick to that will maximize run production and mixes up the righty and the lefty hitters. According to an article by Scott Lauber (thank you, Scott), sports guy from the Boston Herald, Tito has gone as far as consulting with the computer lineup analyzer over at BaseballMusings dot com. The analysis, based on slugging percentage and on-base-percentage last season, suggested that Youk should lead off, followed by Victor Martinez in the two spot, Jacoby Ellsbury third, JD Drew fourth and Pedey Pedroia fifth. Forget about it! A much better lineup, at least in my opinion, whatever that's worth, would keep Ellsbury (lefty) in the leadoff position followed by Pedey (righty), VMart( switch) and Youk (right). They would be MY front four. I'd bat Drew fifth and Big Papi sixth. Of course, this is all conjecture but the first six hitters and the order that they come to the plate is vital for the success of the 2010 Boston Red Sox. Here's the skipper...

“We can make the lineup out any way we want, and I still think I know how I feel about it,” Francona said before yesterday’s. “But I’m always curious what the numbers say. I would prefer to let guys, the way they hit, determine our lineup,” Francona said. “You start making changes, you’re trying to cover something that isn’t going right. If our guys are hitting, we’ll be OK.

I like his last sentence..if we hit, with our pitching, we'll be quite OK. Fantastic, in fact. So let's get it done. My goodness, game number one of the season against none other than the pinstripers is only four (!!!) days away.

It has almost stopped raining here in Connecticut but the rivers are wildly rising and people are being relocated. I'm a lucky guy. I'm dry. I feel for those who do have to leave their homes, literally uproot themselves. I wish them the best.

The University of Connecticut national champion women's basketball team has made it to the Final Four after crushing Florida State University by a score of 90-50, the largest margin in the history of a regional final. If they win two more, they'll be undefeated and be two-time NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Hey, they've won 76 games in a row, all by 10 or more (much more) points.

I'm done for now. Have a great day and as always, BE WELL. See ya.


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