Friday, March 12, 2010

Boston Red Sox 8 NY Mets 2

Boston Red Sox starter John Lackey again was impressive in his start against the Metsies on Thursday. The Sox prevailed over the Mets by a score of 8-2. So far, there have been no signs that this supposedly impotent lineup will fail to be able to score runs. Here's our newest and richest pitcher...

"I'm down in the zone," Lackey said. "I threw a lot of strikes, and I'm happy with the number of ground balls I got. That worked out nice, glad I got it in and be able to move forward,” said Lackey. “I got what I needed to get done, to be sure. I’m on time, I’m not getting too far ahead of myself. My two-seamer was pretty good today, I was happy with that, I got a lot of ground balls.

The bullpen followed Lackey and only one pitcher, Castro, gave up any runs at all. Castro surrendered two runs and two hits in the bottom of the seventh. But the Boston offense made those runs mean absolutely nothing. Just the way we like it. They win again, even if it's only spring training.

I don't have anything more for you right now...I woke up too early, as you can see by the time stamp at the very bottom of this post. I hope you have a great Friday and a terrific weekend. Click on the title of this post for a retrospective picture gallery of Nomar Garciaparra. You'll enjoy it, just as I did. As always, BE WELL. Thanks for stopping in.


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