Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Time For Red Sox Baseball!

The Boston Red Sox will start their 2010 spring training schedule with a day/night doubleheader today. Yes, it's that time! Casey Kelly will pitch the opening game against Northeastern at 1:05pm est and Boof Bonser will take the hill at 6:05pm ready to face Boston College. They will each pitch only one inning and 16 relievers will follow them for an inning each. That sounds like a plan. Here's the skipper of the club, manager Terry Francona...

“It’ll be fun. It’s that time,’’ manager Terry Francona said. “We’ll get comfortable and get in that routine.’’

Now that's a routine I can get used to very easily. The Sox will face major league competition starting on Thursday. Bring 'em on.

Mike Cameron took his swings yesterday so it seems he is almost fully healed. He was bothered by a sore groin for the past few days. He will not be in the lineup until Friday just to play it safe. And now, more "down under" news...

Here's a delicate subject. Boston Red Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre does not like to wear a protective cup. If the ball hops up on him unexpectedly, well, OUCH! Asked why he eschews a cup, he said this...

“That’s a good question,’’ Beltre said. “I don’t know yet. I’m going to try it in spring training and see how it goes. I should, but it just doesn’t seem comfortable. I tried to wear it before, but I just don’t feel right. It just isn’t comfortable. When I came through the Dodger camp, they forced me to use it,’’ Beltre recalled. “But I told them I can’t play like that. I feel like I can’t move, so I never had to wear one until last year. I never wore one again until last year after I got hit. It was the first time I was hit. They say I’m crazy not to wear the cup. But I say, if the ball’s going to hit me there every 11 1/2 years, I’ll take my chances.’’

Youk chipped in...

“Outfielders don’t wear them,’’ said Kevin Youkilis, who has spent significant time at both corners in the infield. “A lot of people don’t wear them. I think a lot of pitchers. You’re always taking a risk. The first week wearing one is not very comfortable, but you get used to it. To me it’s habit. I don’t go out there without it. Ever. Mine’s definitely been hit a couple of times.’’

Pedey also chimed in...

“Once you get hit there, you want to wear one,’’ said the second baseman. “Beltre is probably the only one here that doesn’t. That’s risky business. Sometimes those hard-hit balls that hug the ground, you try to get in front of them, but they hop up on you and they’ll hit you underneath. If you don’t wear a cup, it’s going to do some damage and it makes you talk funny for a while.’’

I've never been hit "down below" before, thank goodness, but I've seen guys who've been nailed there up close and it seems the pain goes on and on and on and on. Good luck, Adrian. You're the best in the business at your position and we need you. Badly.

That's all I have for you this early Wednesday morning but don't fret. I'll be back first thing in the morning, if not sooner, with all the details of the first two spring training games. Click on this post's title for more Sox stuff and as always, BE WELL.


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