Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing First Base For The Boston Red Sox-MIKE LOWELL...Papi Speaks LOUDLY

The Boston Red Sox played a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles Monday and for the first three innings, their man at first was none other than Mike Lowell. Scouts from other teams were there and the general concensus was that he looked good on the field but a little slow on the base-paths. He singled his first time up. Boston ended up losing the game by a score of 8-4. Big Papi David Ortiz commented...

“He looked good."

Ah, a man of many words. Tim Wakefield started and went 3.2 innings. He gave up nine hits and a whopping five runs and said this about Mikey...

"I’m glad that he didn’t get traded to Texas this offseason because, by far, he’s the most professional guy I’ve played with. He’s been a tremendous teammate and a leader in this clubhouse and that’s something that would have been sorely missed had he been traded to Texas.’’

I'm glad he's with the Sox, too, but if he shows he can play first base, it will be easy for Boston to trade him to another club...providing they pick up a large portion of his salary. I personally would like him to stay right where he is. The fans love him, he can sub for Papi as DH, play first when Youk needs a rest and pinch hit whenever necessary. He still has a potently popping bat. Make no mistake about it. WE LOVE MIKEY.

Big Papi David Ortiz hit a home run and stroked a single yesterday against the Birdies but lashed out at the people who have moaned and groaned about his 1 for 19 spring training start. HEY, it's spring training! HELLO!! Here's some of what he said...

“I’ve got nothing to prove,” Ortiz said. “The season, of course, is different. The season is the season. On April 2, who gives a shit what you did in spring training? How many guys have you seen struggle in the spring and then boom, crush the season? And how many guys have you seen crush spring training and when the season starts, struggle like hell? So spring training? I’m going to try to do well and get my at-bats and get my work, but I couldn’t care less about it.”

David is trying to avoid the kind of start he had in 2009 and ya know what? HE WILL! Thanks for stopping in, click on the title of this post for more on the Boston Red Sox courtesy of Sports Illustrated dot com and as always, BE WELL. See ya.


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