Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wakefield Feeling Just Florida Fine

Tim Wakefield and his once ailing back are doing just fine, thank you. Last year he was dragging a leg while walking with the kind of pain that is almost indescribable. He tried to pitch but it was impossible. It turned out he had a bulging disc that was in contact with the sciatic nerve. This causes leg pain, numbness and weakness in the affected leg, all the way up to the buttocks. It's terrible and I know how bad it can be. I went through it thirty years ago. I couldn't even STAND on my tiptoes because the right leg was so weak. I won't even mention the pain. It made going to the dentist without novocaine seem like a picnic. Fortunately, I had a great doctor who removed the disc via surgery. It turned out that in a volleyball fall I had shattered the disc into about eight pieces. One of those was rubbing against that nerve and as soon as ALL of the pieces were removed, the pain relief was instantaneous. But enough about me. Timmy is healthy and yesterday he pitched the third and fourth innings in relief of starter Jon Lester. Jon gave up four first inning runs in his one inning but Wakes shined with two scoreless frames. The Red Sox lost to the Minnesota Twins 5-0. Win some, lose some. John Lackey will take the hill today. The important thing is this...Tim has been able to maintain a normal workout timetable. His manager, Terry "Tito" Francona had this to say...

“I think he’s right where he’s supposed to be,’’ said manager Terry Francona. “There’s a lot of things. He’s got age, he had surgery. When you get down here and you start going every day, you can get beat up a little up. We didn’t want him to get to that point. But he’s answered the call every day. He’s been great,’’ said Francona. “Ball’s all over the place.’’

Here's the knuckleball man himself...

“I’m excited,” said Wakefield. “Obviously this is a test. I’ve been telling everyone I feel fine. I think I proved to myself when I got over here that everything was going to be good and just try to get ready for the long haul of the season.”

When I think of Wakes I think of his long-time dedication to the Boston Red Sox and his ability to flutter the baseball THROUGH the strike zone. He's 40 plus now but that's OK...he's still got it. Have a great 2010, Timmah! We love you.

That's a wrap for this soon-to-be-warm Saturday morning. Once the sun comes up this time of year, warming is an automatic thing. And believe it or not, Daylight Savings time begins a week from tomorrow. Can baseball be far behind? Click on this post's title for the Boston Herald's Red Sox home page and as always, BE WELL. Thanks for popping in.


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