Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home Runs And Great Pitching Spell A Boston Red Sox Victory In KC

The Boston Red Sox used an array of bench players and they powered the Sox to victory with five home runs. Those five taters plated six runners and Boston went on to win the game by a score of 8-3, breaking their mini-losing string. Jason Varitek clubbed two long balls and Pedey Pedroia, Jeremy Hermida and Kevin Youkilis completed the long ball attack. Here's the captain, who I believe should be behind the plate EVERY time Josh Beckett toes the rubber...

“Both swings I was able to get the good part of the bat on the ball,’’ said Varitek, who homered on a hanging curveball by Greinke in the fifth and on a changeup by Luis Mendoza in the ninth. “Fortunately the ball was carrying a little bit to right. I was able to get them both out. I can’t say I felt great and felt locked in. The ball didn’t look like a grapefruit, it looked more like a golf ball.’’

Grapefruits are better, believe me. Beckett was able to go seven innings, giving up three runs on nine hits, walking only one and whiffing four Royal batters. Okie and Ramon Ramirez followed with two goose egg innings, completing a well earned win. Josh was almost beaned on his was close but he wasn't injured. The line drive grazed what looked like the back of his head. But the important thing about this Red Sox team that was showcased Saturday night was its depth. Here's Mike Lowell, who made a beautiful snag at third base, about exactly that...

“I believe we have good depth on the team, but it definitely feels better when guys that haven’t gotten at-bats can put up quality at-bats and help score some runs,’’ Lowell said. “This is a nice one for us.’’

That's EXACTLY what happened last night. I'm sure Tito Francona will cycle these VETERAN reserve players more regularly into games. He has to. And as I said before, and this is no diss on Victor Martinez, I'd like to see 'Tek catch Josh Beckett every five days. If used the right way, he has the catching ability, the smarts to call a game and the power at the plate to help this club. Hey, he's not called THE CAPTAIN for nothing. He proved that last night.

Today's final game of the series begins at 2:10 PM EDT and will pit Clay Buchholz, who I expect to be amazing this year (remember that) against Meche. Watch those Boston Good Guys take the rubber match, game three of three. I just have a feeling. Have a great Sunday and don't forget to enjoy the Masters, which has been mesmerizing. It goes heads up against the Sox at 2pm. Both are available in High Definition, and 3D (believe it or not) for the Masters..for a select few. Wait a couple of years and you'll see the new technology almost everywhere. Special glasses are needed but when I went to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut on Wednesday to get a taste of what it will look like in the future, I was blown away. I don't wear glasses except to help me read so the battery powered glasses were no problem. I wouldn't want to go out to dinner with them on but for "at home" viewing, they're OK and the 3D effect was, frankly, amazing, especially because it was a live event. Don't expect AVATAR (TO BE RELEASED APRIL 22 ON DVD AND BLUE RAY) but prepare to smile. No 3D for Avatar (yet), though. Phil Michelson is the guy I'm rooting for. I wish him the best of luck in what is certain to be a riveting match. It's shaping up to be a GREAT Sunday afternoon. Masters, Red Sox, Red Sox, Masters. Phew! YAY!! YES!!!

That's the way it is at 5:35 AM EDT Sunday April 11th. Be safe, be well and have fun today. It would be hard not to! I'll see you soon and, as you know, your comments are always read and ALWAYS responded to. So go for it! Thanks for popping in once again. I love you for it.


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