Monday, April 19, 2010

The Plunge Continues...Tampa Bay

Yes, another BAD day at the Fens. The Boston Red Sox, in a morning Patriot's Day game, were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays. The final score was a dismal 8-2 Florida guys as John Lackey had an "off" day, to say the least. The Red Sox collected a STAGGERING five hits. The bullpen was perfect but what good can they ever do when handed that big a deficit. You know what? I have no idea and I'm beginning to think the pre-season talk of "no offense" makes sense. I won't give up, though. NOT YET. I have faith. But just like a candle's wick, that faith can grow short. I hope it won't. I know it won't. I think.

Lackey's line was this...3.1 innings pitched (ouch!) 9 hits and 8 runs. My goodness, maybe it was the morning 11am start. There are NO more excuses for me. I'll have a full wrap, as terrible as it is, tomorrow. First thing.


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