Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rain Postpones Red Sox/Rays Game At Fenway...Cameron Feels MUCH Better

Josh Beckett gave up only one run, an unearned one at that, caused by an error by Scutaro and a ball that bounced so high off the dirt around the plate that Adrian Beltre lost it in the lights. That was a first for my eyes and extremely bad luck for Boston. The game will resume at 7:10pm EDT starting with the beginning of the bottom of the ninth with Big Papi ready to end it on a walk-off. Boy, he DOES need something like that to kick start his 2010 season.

In other Red Sox news, good news, in fact, Mike Cameron passed a kidney stone and he should be OK to play today. I wouldn't EVER want to suffer from one of those! Here's Red Sox manager Terry Francona...

“He must have unbelievable pain tolerance,” Francona said, “because everyone I have talked to who’s had that, it’s agonizing.”

Cameron agreed...

“It’s like a male having a baby. So, there you go."

OUCH!! AHHHHH!!! He should be in the lineup today if the weather allows. Let's just hope for a one or two pitch walk off win authored by Big Papi. That would be SO sweet because Josh did not deserve to lose that game. With all the injuries, the Boston offense has suffered. Ellsbury might be in there tomorrow, though.

Have a great weekend, I'll see ya soon and as always, BE WELL.


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