Saturday, May 29, 2010

From Soup To Nutz...Wakefield's Worst

Friday night at Fenway Park was another UGLY Boston effort against the KC Royals. Tim Wakefield had his worst start ever as a member of the Boston Red Sox, who lost to KC by a lopsided score of 12-5. What was once a 5-2 Sox lead evaporated in the 4th inning when the lowly Royals scored 7 runs. But they sure can hit the ball. It was no contest from there as the Red Sox suffered their second straight humiliating defeat. Here's Big Papi, not mincing his words...

“We got our asses kicked,’’ David Ortiz said. “You come back and play the game. Turn the page. We were playing so well. Not that we were taking anything for granted. Kansas City, they play the game to win, too. That’s what they’ve been doing the last few days. I guess that’s how the game goes."

In all, Wakes was only able to go 3 2/3 innings while giving up a staggeringly dismal 9 runs on 12 hits. To make matters worse, if that's possible, he walked 3 Royals hitters. The game (mismatch) was over for the duration and reduced the Fenway Faithful to chant "Lets go Celtics." Congratulations to them, by the way. They will most likely be playing the Lakers come Thursday night unless the Phoenix Suns have a couple miracles left in their pockets. That's about the only piece of good news in Boston's backstreets. Here's some more bad news.

Jacoby Ellsbury is back on the disabled list because of reoccurring rib pain. Ribs are slow to heal and maybe Boston rushed his return. Jacoby said this yesterday...

“I guess the way it looks now, I came back too soon, but with the way I felt, the way the medical staff felt, we felt it was time to go,” Ellsbury said. “But we knew I wasn’t fully healed.

Hey Jacoby, next time SAY SOMETHING! Please. We need your speed, offense and defense every day. Ellsbury might not be back until near the All Star break (believe it or not). Swinging a bat puts SO much stress on both sides of the chest and that's exactly where he's hurting.

Have a great Saturday and a wonderful holiday weekend. If you have the stomach for it, click on this post's title for more on last night's "game." I use the quotation marks because the Red Sox were pulverized, ground into pulp and ready for burial. It's expected that Josh Beckett will be back on Thursday. That means that Wakes will yet again be relegated to the bullpen. The Red Sox have only 3 starting pitchers doing anything good but things can and will turn around. I hope it's soon. It HAS to be. As always, BE WELL. Happy holiday!


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