Monday, May 10, 2010

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's JON LESTER...Boston 9 NY 3

The Boston Red Sox ace (YES!) starting pitcher shut down those damn Yankees and returned normalcy to Red Sox Nation Sunday night at good old Fenway Park. The final score was Good Guys 9, pinstripers 3. Lester went 7 innings and gave up only 2 runs on 4 hits, striking out 7 baffled batters and walking only 2. Delcarmen pitched the eighth, a little shaky as usual and Tim Wakefield, in his second relief appearance, put up a goose egg in the ninth. It was great to see him on the mound. The other Boston starters have had their troubles but Lester has hit his stride and the other guys in the rotation WILL follow his lead. I guarantee it. Here's the man himself...

“It’s just a matter of time for guys to settle in,” said Lester. “Buch’s done a good job, kind of hitting his stride early, throwing the ball well. He had a rough one the other day but he’ll bounce back from that and be fine. Lack’s done a good job. We’ve all, at times, done a good job and I think once guys get just one or two outings under their belt, it’s kind of a snowball effect."

And now, Pedey Pedroia with his thoughts on the nationally televised game...

“It was real important,’’ Pedroia said. “We don’t want to bury ourselves. We played good. We pitched good. We scored early. We got to A.J. Burnett early, and that helped Jon Lester kind of settle in and throw strikes. It was a big win for us. If we could do it every night, we’d go 162-0. That’s not really how it is. But we’re going to try our best to do that.’’

He's exactly right. Period. Up next are the Toronto Blue Jays. It'll be Morrow versus another more than steady Boston starter, John Lackey. Red Sox manager Terry "Tito" Francona's thoughts? Here you go...

“Two walks. He (Lester) threw strikes, he used his cutter. The two solo homers were the only damage. You don’t walk people against that lineup.’’

A good night was guaranteed for all, in person or watching the telly. Lester pounded the strike zone with his assortment of pitches. It was a joy to see. In closing, to every one of you, enjoy your Monday and let's hope Boston's pitching can be as good as Lester was last night. The whole country saw his performance and they and Red Sox Nation rejoiced. Well, not the Yankee fans!

Click on this post's title for more coverage of the game from "the other side." As always, BE WELL. Click away! And to Jon, thank you SO much for giving your team a much needed boost right when it counted. See ya.


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