Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Evident. The NY Yankees Are Better Than The Boston Red Sox...WAY Better

If you weren't sure how the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees stack up, well, now we ALL know. The pinstripers put a 14-3 hurting on the Sox in a humiliatingly convincing fashion Saturday afternoon in a game that was nationally televised for all to see. Clay Buchholz was completely ineffective and the club from the Big Apple put a hurting on just about anyone the Sox brought out to pitch. Talk about a Boston Massacre. I remember the original one, too. I attended two of those games. Oy. Mark Teixeira became the first NY Yankee to hit three home runs in a Fenway game since the incomparable Lou Gehrig, my favorite baseball player of all time, did it in 1927. That's right...Murderer's Row, 1927. The Boston GM, Theo Epstein, spoke of the current Red Sox dire straits...

"No one is quitting,’’ GM Epstein said. “We’re better than this. We just can’t dig too deep a hole. It’s the second week of May. It’s not too late. Is there urgency? Of course.’’

Are we better than the way we've been playing? Right now, I'm not so sure. Theo, you're damn right there is a sense of urgency when fans and staff alike see the obviously superior New York club (not to mention the Rays). Talk about a night and day difference. Things got so bad Saturday that the Sox called on an outfielder, Jonathon Van Every, to record the last five outs of the game. The outcome was known and after the last out, the Boston players walked off the field with their tails between their legs. As well they should have. Jon Lester will try to salvage one game of this three game set tonight and he'll face the white hot AJ Burnett. You can find it on ESPN and ESPN HD starting shortly after 8pm EDT. I'm hoping for the best because Lester has hit his "groove" and he has the stuff to hold the Yankees under three runs. That's so much better than 14. I'm not saying that's going to happen but you never know. And by the way, Scott Schoeneweis has NO business being a member of the Boston bullpen. Sorry Scott, you suck.

The first place Tampa Bay Rays invade Fenway on Monday so it ain't going to get any easier. What this Red Sox team needs is a quick 10 game winning streak. Are they talented enough to accomplish that? We might never know.

Thanks for popping in on this pre-dawn Sunday morning and don't forget to click on this post's title for an enlighteningly sober article about the Red Sox from the NY Times. It makes SO much sense. Thank you Victoria for pointing me in the right direction. Have a great day and as always, BE WELL. I'd love to read your comments, pro or con. I respond to every one of 'em. See ya.


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