Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arizona Comes To Fenway Park For Three

After an off day for the Boston Red Sox on Monday, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in Boston for the start of a three game set. JD Drew will play against his younger brother, Stephen, who is the starting shortstop for the D'Backs. There is an eight year difference in their ages with JD being the elder. Here's JD...

“I was more of Stephen’s do-it-this-way guy, and he listened well,” Drew said. “He’s eight years younger than me, but definitely a gifted athlete, that’s for sure. By the time he got to college (with the Seminoles), I think he felt like he had already been through it because of me. He adapted better to pro ball.”

I didn't know JD had a brother in the major leagues and it will be nice to see Stephen play. I have the pitching match-ups for you and here they are...

6/15/2010** Ari 7:10 PM ET FxAZ/NESN*** Buchholz (8-4) vs. Kennedy (3-3)
6/16/2010** Ari 7:10 PM ET FxAZ/NESN*** Lester (7-2) vs.Lopez (2-5)
6/17/2010** Ari 7:10 PM ET FxAZ/NESN*** Lackey (7-3) vs. Haren (7-4)

Short but sweet today. With the off day, the news is slim but don't worry. The Sox will again make more news tonight starting at 7:10pm EDT. If you'd like, click on this post's title for more on the Sox SI style and as always, BE WELL.


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